09 August 2020

Daemon Derby

Greater Daemons.  Warhammer just wouldn’t be the same without them.  The ultimate bad guys, they personify literally any facet of bad human behaviour, and we can all identify with at least one (Nurgle with Slaanesh rising in my case!).

Somewhere in the pile of shame we all have a greater daemon or other big chonk that we’ve thought about painting but have never gotten round to caressing with our paintbrushes (that’ll be the Slaanesh rising!).

What better subject matter for a ScaleCreep challenge! 

Sit down, pour yourself a glass of something strong, and open your heart to the ever loving embrace of chaos.


03 August 2020

BOYL20 report - Best BOYL so far ?

So last week end was BOYL20 (sort of), like every year, it was the occasion to see the band and have some quality gaming, I keep saying that every year but BOYL gets a little better every year.
Like you can see above, Whiskey Priest was seemingly here first and in a jolly mood...

...only to find out Axiom had arrived at 5 in the morning to set our first game of the day :

The game was surprisingly an historical game of Napoleonics which everyone enjoyed but the one french guy, the figures were splendid though, worth what you'd find on the Perry twins' tables !

As ever, BOYl is the occasion to have a nice chat with some of the legends who built our hobby and Heofthreenames and yours truly were absolutely delighted when a booming voice from across the central tent called us "YO J-DOG, L-DOG ! come right here you horny pair of doers !" That's just how friendly these legends are and how awesome we are.

Curis finally had the opportunity to spend quality time with the mighty Bryan Ansell and ask part of his 73 point question list including :

- Isn't the value of +3 elites 1/2 a point off in warhammer armies ?
- how can I make my hair that big ?
- Why fat sharks ?

Now after all those jours of gaming, strategy and emotionnal roller coaster, we all had earned some well deserved rest at the local pub where the group's pair of womanizers had to fight their way to safety as usual due to the mass hysteria their charm caused.

Second day, Whiskey Priest got here at 3 AM to be the first and he was. For the next 6 hours.

Now when he learnt it was BOYL, Nico (that bloody hero) quikly painted 2 little forces, flew and parachuted to Newark and played an 8 hours campaign of anthology before returning home for dinner, that guy is just as god as they say, he's the freaking best there is.
Sometimes a simple skirmish game is all you need to let the steam off :


Lopedog's evil twin photobombed the group pic for the laughs.

Shoeba9, Airborne Grove and myself started our 2 days game of Horus Heresy, it was bloody, savage, brother killing brother, spilling blood across the laaaand, killing for religion, something I don't understaaaand.

There came an awkward moment when Gillian (our GM for the day) asked us an embarassing question about our army lists which none of us found an answer to...

Like usual, Kev Adams, that genius legend, was here to offer custom sculpts for charity, having nothing under hand, Colin, Lopazitor and myself, grabbed the first 3 models we found in the nearby cabinet and had our exquisite faces added onto the models :

It's been a few years now, we all know that Post Boyl Depression is a thing, and this year was no different, it struck hard, some of us cried, some of us hid in the nearby cemetary talking to ghost cats and Lopette just snapped and lost it the poor guy...

I don't want to be the guy stirring the knife in the wound for those who couldn't attend, but like every year, BOYL20 was a blast and definitely the best edition ever.

15 July 2020

Mordheim Five-a-Side Challenge

One of the less consequential knock-on effects of a pandemic, is that I have been playing “Mordheim: City of the Damned” on PS4 with a few friends.  The fun that we had with that led me to dig up some unloved Mordheim figures, add a few more and get stuck in to a long overdue project.

Rather than keep this enthusiasm to myself, I twisted some notoriously rubber arms and decided to make a voluntary group project out of it, criteria as follows:


25 June 2020

Quarantina Quompetiton #3 - Warzone Comfort Zone

This week at Scale Creep HQ, it's very firmly the mid 1990s, and we're revelling in the gonzo classic of early editions of Warzone - the game that captured our hearts with nuggety sculpts of balloon-muscled idiots toting chunky guns and chunkier-yet shoulder pads.  The challenge: to paint some vintage Warzone minis with a two-week deadline to evoke the Spirit of the 1990s.  Let's see how our contestants got on.

07 June 2020

Quarantina Quompetiton #2 - Beaks Out

The RTB01 Challenge!

Greetings creeps! ... creepy... watchers.... scaly.. creepy..... whatever. Bulldoglopez here....


Now.... I'm not talking about your fancy-schmancy modern GW marines. I'm talking that good old-fashioned RTB01, the very first plastic Imperial Space Marines! The wombles, the beakies, THE ORIGINAL GANGSTAS OF THE 41st MILLENNIUM!! The challenge was simple, each of us had 2 weeks to build and paint at least one RTB01 Marine and post it here.

As you will soon see, the results were nothing less than spectacular...

21 May 2020

The Quarantina Mek Off!

I don't have a problem... I can stop at any time.

Greetings fellow quarantinos! Bulldoglopez here, I hope you're all staying safe and if you've found yourself at home more than usual I hope you've found some time to spend on your hobby. So a couple weeks ago Ol' Captain Crooks was running around the outback... shirtless as usual and then called me up on his Dick Tracy wrist radio and goes "Hey Lopez, I'm a better Mek than you!" and then I go... "Hey dude, I know you're from the future and everything but you're out of your mind if you think you're a better Mek than me!" and then he goes "Am too" and I'm like "Are not" and then he was like "Am too" and I was like "ARE NOT" and so on for 30 minutes.

So ANYWAYS... what ended up happening was a social media miracle. It's like when celebrities get together to sing Imagine except not garbage.


The rules were simple... each person (heretofore to be known as hypermasculine hobby sensei).. Each Hypermasculine hobby sensei had two weeks to complete any Ork Mek ANYTHING at any scale. (BlueinVT would have participated but he is currently buried under a pile of shamefully unpainted wolves.. more on that later).


29 October 2019

Witness Weekend Pt.2 The Cargasmatronic FREA-quel


Actually I meant one second *SQUELCH*