22 August 2017

The Kev Adams Vanity project

OK, so after a few of us got together at BOYL this summer (the Oldhammer event in Newark), many of us got a special model converted by no other than the Goblin master himself ! 
Kev Adams gives you the opportunity to customise a model for you for a small fee (given to charity).
And although you could ask plenty of things, the most easy and pleasant idea is usually to get your own face added onto a model of your choice.

We thought we'd just show you what 4 of us decided to do and paint the models for the occasion !

Asslessman : Kev Adams head on !

OK, now I've already had a sci-fi version of me so there was little choice left but to do a fantasy version ! Having a spare chaos warrior sitting around I thought it would be the perfect occasion to add it to my champions of Law !

Now this model could also very well represent the paladin I've been using for years too. He's named Seu and just happens to have a flaming sword ! Now this guy could probably be an older version of Seu who now has an icy flaming sword or something and a new golden armour (as well as a beard which might make him look like me...).

Mr Papafakis : Getting Head from Kev Adams

Hi everybody,

Here's the mini that I asked Kev Adams to sculpt my likeness onto at BOYL this year. Do you want to know how I went about choosing the mini for him to work his magic on? Don't answer, I'll tell you anyway! I had an old Chaos Renegade mini languishing in amongst my lead pile for well over a decade, not knowing what to do with it, so I thought he'd be the best one for Kev to give a head. The next thing to think about was the face that I wanted. I could have asked him to sculpt my own, but seeing as I'm an ugly fucker I thought I'd choose a more handsome visage instead. Where did I look to for inspiration? LaTD of course!

Page 200 in ROC, LaTD.....the local "council" meeting is underway.

The Mayor, looking rather dashing. The perfect candidate for my
head sculpt was chosen.

This is the professional looking bit of paper that I handed over to Kev
Adams to show him the proportions I was after. 

And below is a little video of the final result. Instead showing you a bunch of shitty pictures, I thought I'd give this a go for a change. Let's see if it works hey;

And this is how the ugly bastard looked after I had painted him up.

I was going to write something obscene on the tank, but I wimped out. I also thought about writing "Heinz" on it, but my freehand is pretty rudimentary at best, so I went with big chunky block letters instead. Anyway, I'm happy with how he turned out in the end. I'm really chuffed to have a custom sculpt, albeit just his head, done by the Goblinmaster himself. I haven't painted in ages too, so it was good to get back in the saddle as well.

Cheerio hombres

Airbornegrove : Me Man and the Masters of the Universe

G'day M8's.  I thought long and hard about what figure I wanted Kev Adams to sculpt a face on....Lol no I didn't...it had to be a Heroquest Barbarian.  He was going to go with the shaved head, but worried about the time, so I said just leave that 80's hair as is mate.  So he got my face with my patented chinstrap beard.

Now for what paint scheme?  Usually I agonize on something like this but brilliance struck and I knew he had to become Me-man!!!!

Just like any kid growing up in the 80's this is how I got dressed every morning. Then I would go throw some new wrestling moves I learned from watching WWF on Skeletor and Beastman (aka my little brothers).


 Yes...raise your sword Prince Tom and utter the magic words!!!!


Me-man wielding his Power Sword (made from a terminator power sword), is ready to make Skeletor cry. With his naked nipples, bristling biceps and quaking quads.  He will stamp out trouble wherever he might find it.

Whether it is hitting boulders across the valley.  Or helping a local virgin stop having her magical visions.  Me-man is here to save Eternia one missionary position at a time.

Two thumbs up for Me-man!  Go save Eternia Mate!

Bulldoglopez : I shall call him ... Minime !

What's up guys? Are you ready to have your mind blown?



So I didn't really haul over anything special for Kev Adams to sculpt my face on. I figured there was enough stuff at Foundry, I would just buy something off the rack.

And I did.


Yeah... its me. I'm naked. I have a shotgun. And I had to bulk up the belly.

Because I'm fat.

So, I thought I was being all clever when I picked up this little naked dude. Then I found out from Asslessman that Kev Adams hates sculpting naked dudes.  So when I finally sat down to have my stupid face sculpted the first thing I did was apologize for making him sculpt on a naked dude. Kev was very gracious and we had a pretty fun chat about local crazy people. Nigel Stillman was there, it was crazy. Both Kev and Nigel are really cool dudes.

Name drops complete.

It was great to sit and chat with Kev. He is a very genuine guy and just an all around nice dude, not to mention he donates all the money from the face sculpts to a children's hospital. It's nice to know that my stupidity contributes to a good cause in a small way.

I had fun. 



  1. What a tremendous selection of oddities and reprobates! Kev has done wonders creating new and characterful figures with his greenstuff mastery!

  2. Guys, these are awesome! Oddly, Erasmus' might actually be the closest resemblance to real life!!!

    Actually, the faces on Misters Gove and Lopez are pretty spot on.

    Loving your work as always. 😉

  3. Magic stuff guys, it's great to see some of the vanity project minis.

  4. Ha, nice one fellas. Bulldoglopez wins for the most shocking mini.

    1. I'm sure he'll blame it on the weather being cold.

    2. LOL Does Rogue Trader have Erection Rules?

  5. Fantastic job to all, but naked guy spattered in blood for the win! I may have send over a figure the next time anyone from the States attends.

  6. Incredible story - having a miniature converted by Kevin Adams is a dream of any Oldhammerer. All figures look absolutely great, cheers!