05 August 2018

BOYL 2018 - A Spectator's Review

I hate all of you

Hi guys, Bulldoglopez here. Yeah.... THE Bulldoglopez.

I see you guys had your little BOYL again. Looked like shit. Totally happy I didn't go. I probably would have died from boredom. My chickens laid ten eggs this weekend... bet you didn't know that.

Let's start the review.

Editor's note: This post should be read while this song plays in the background:


I went to work. Yay.


My good buddy Airbornegrove26 landed in London in was picked up that tiresome bore Whiskey Priest. They can barely stand eachother, but they somehow made it to Warhammer World for Pre-BOYL gaming without killing one another. Everyone met up at Bugmans for some pre game food and booze.

Asslessman says "Alors, zis table is sheet!"

From the messages I was getting, it seemed like they were playing all wrong. First of all, all their miniatures were painted. That's dumb. How can you field the most up to date killer stuff if you're spending your time actually painting your miniatures. Losers.

These miniatures are pointing at everything. So confusing. Unpainted monopose is far superior. 

They kept sending me pictures of the games they were playing. It was annoying because I was really having a great time at work and was trying to focus on a really interesting spreadsheet at the time. Anyways, I had a great day at work. I definitely would not have preferred to be at Warhammer World or having beers with these assholes...


Oh day of days! While you guys were off playing games organized by Axiom (needless effort as he could have just looked at participation games and implied he'd organized it on his blog) I was having a spirited chat with Captain Crooks and Rochie about spiders. YEAH!! FUCKING SPIDERS!! How awesome is that? Fucking awesome, that's how.

Bet you guys didn't know that about spiders did you? Of course you don't, you're too busy fucking about with toy soldiers. You guys got to meet John Blanche... WHOOPDIE DOO!

Oh look! You guys got drunk again! Soooooo much fun - NOT! I kept telling you guys to bring me that trombone but you were far too busy drinking and laughing and dancing and whatever the hell else you were up to at 4am. I was sleeping comfortably, thank you very much.

From what I can gather from the late night messages I was receiving, some of the boys deciding to visit a (couple?) drinking establishments. Here you can see that while he may be Assless, he certainly isn't front-less...

I'm not really sure what is happening here

I know what is happening here

THIS is the fucking trombone they refused to steal for me.... jerks


Oh joy! You silly people drank too much and went back for more gaming! Looks like some Mordheim... some light vomiting and general regretting staying up so late pretending you're still in your twenties. THOSE DAYS ARE GONE YOU MORONS!! That's why they make mixed drinks, you crazy old twats...

I didn't get nearly as many messages on Sunday, probably because you all were busy shitting your brains out from all the drinking you did last night. I savored every moment of it. I hope it makes your ass as sore as mine is from not getting to go this year.


I actually did really enjoy watching Cheetor get progressively drunker throughout the weekend. He's a fucking beast of a man. I have to remember to get drunk with him next year, which will be difficult because I will already be drunk and I forget shit when i'm drunk.

"Low lie the fields of Athenry"

He's a creepy bastard

Anyways. Looked like a horrible weekend. Total shit if you ask me. Really glad I got so sit in my basement and work on some more half-finished projects while watching other people play games over the internet.. you know PROPER OLDHAMMER.

See your fuckers next year.


  1. Yeah, that looked like utter dogshit. I'm well glad I spent the weekend working and packing for a house move. Imagine having to do all that shit with them? It'd be shiiiiiite

  2. Lopez, your are a poet of the highest order. I'm actually on the bowl atm, reading this fine work, having a shit. Your prose is acting like a natural laxative.

    Thank-you :p

  3. I expect a royalty cheque for using my JB SUPA COCK illustration.

  4. Take that! Those of us who couldn't attend this year obviously had a way better time doing household chores and the like. I beg to differ on one point in your captions. I'm fairly certain that Paul is playing Raggle Taggle Gypsy on the bodhran.

  5. Thanks for recapping all the pictures these A-holes sent you about their totally lame, and not at all enviable weekend.

  6. Replies
    1. Happy to be of service lol. Hope to see you at a New World event soon. Need to smash square bases against eachother!