29 August 2016

Haemo-Erotic Tag 5: Chodus Virilius Clungerender

Challenged by Mr Saturday Night, I have painted my Old Skool GoreChosen of Khorne.

Meet Chodius Virilius Clungerender:

Chodus Virilius Clungerender stands ready awaiting all opponents.

The previously challenged WIPster were:

Halfdan Guntsplitter birthed by the awesome Captain Crooks.
Willy Gutshagger from the imaginings of the exuberant Asslessman.
Huy-Jigo the Pin Rat  spawned from the marvellous Axiom.
Arnuld Clotchewer arisen from the cerebral depths of the superb Mr Saturday Night.

Following on from such esteemed producers of quality miniatures is a hard ask, but I am happy that Chodus is about as good as it's going to get from the end of my brush.

The astute amongst you will have spotted a rather high level of similarity between my Chodus and Mr Saturday's Arnuld. This is because they use the same torso as a base and are from the same collection.

I decided to gore him up after painting. The aim was to look as if he had just split an opponent with a massive blow.

For skin tone, I wanted a dynamic muscular contrast.

Only vibrant red hair seemed appropriate for this Thorne-Worshiping nut job.

I tried to make the chainmail look old and well-used, with just a hint of rust.

This model was one of those that 'paints itself'. The pose is simple and the aspects clearly defined. It was great fun to do and I can see myself hunting down more of this range to paint in the future.

So, for my nomination to the challenge......

The Otto Von Bismark, time to get your paintbrush out of you frogs behinds and paint yourself a gore-mongering, Khorne-worshipping gladiator.


  1. Spot on antipixi, he is suitably gore splattered, although I'm not sure how pleased he is about it from his facial expression!

    1. That is the distain for his slaughtered foe.


    A fine moody gore soaked gladiator paint job indeed sir.

    1. Good man! Bring your pretty boy, so that he may face the code blade.

  3. Damn fine piece of bloody thuggery !

  4. Definitely looks the part, good job.

    Another one of the top tier sculpts from the old Thug range. Lovely.

  5. Awesome work! Can't wait to see these all stabbing and maiming each other!

    1. Thank you! :)

      I can assure you that once all the GoreChosen are complete, a gathering will be seen.

  6. Super job, great model, great paint scheme and of course great base. I always +1 things which advertise the humble hexy base!