25 September 2016

Haemo-Erotic Tag 7: Grigor "Veinrip" Flangegrinder

Grigor Flangegrinder see's a world of blood. Preferring to bludgeon his victims into submission with his bronze skull flail he opens up his victims arteries and revels in the spray of arterial blood.

See - World of blood, told ya.

So in the week that Gorechosen hits the shops it's time for me to finally get my chaos thug on the blog. He's a funny little guy full of savage intent. I think he's a Perry sculpt and I went with classic Khorne red on the little armour that he's got on.

There he is with his original mates. You can see that he's a bit of a short arse so probably has some issues about that.

I mean, lets face it, who ever heard of a short Chaos Warrior? Ok, there are dwarfs but thats not the same thing. Time to take out his massive rage about his tiny height on as many cocky champions of Khorne as he can bash in their snarly faces.

Time to crush some skulls! Time to rip open some veins! TIME TO FIGHT FOR GLORY! TIME TO DESTROY! TIME TO FIGHT! FOR KHORNE! RRRAAAAARRRR!!!!

Next up to be tagged is theottovonbismarck, go for it Seany.


  1. Isn't he a savage lookin little bastard ;)


  2. Great work Colin.

    My copy of Gorechosen is en route. I'm itching to get this collection of reprobates battering each other on a tabletop soon.

  3. Great painting Colin.

    I'd give it a perfect 5/7.

  4. Lovely paint work! That shock of blue hair really sets it off, and the red armor is superb.

  5. For some reason, seeing him beheading a daemonette gives him a woman hater vibe that makes him even scarier, a truly frightening thug !

  6. He's a cracking little thug, he just looks like a real tool. I love the hair and that little off the shoulder number he has on.

  7. Nice! I have this bloke in my painting queue too. Such a cool model. Like the Daemonette head on his base, good touch.

  8. Spot on! The variant blood colour is very striking! He looks a bit grumpy though ;)

  9. Great job, sir! He's going to be fun to destroy in the arena!