20 September 2016

The HeroQuest Hero Quest: The Fimir

Milton Bradley: "So guys, everyone knows about orcs, goblins and mummies and stuff, but what about these
 'fimirs' we're putting in the game? Tell me all about them!"

Games Workshop: "Uhhhhhhhhhhh...." 

Woooooooooooooooo! Look at me playing with the big boys! Hello to everyone, this is Rochie from Buried Under Lead, and thanks to the lads for taking the fence down and letting me in for a bit!
Now, the whole HeroQuest phenomenon has been and will be discussed far more eloquently and more in depth than I could ever manage, so I'll instead talk about this charming little addition to the project while skillfully avoiding his "aggressive side of charming" romantic techniques.
Milton Bradley: "Yes YES! THIS is what we want to see in children's board games!
Tell me the bit about their mating habits again!" *snorts another line*

I came into HeroQuest very late in the day, I had been playing Warhammer and the laser gun spin off for about ten years before I bought a copy on a whim from a bloke down the gaming club for either fifteen or twenty quid, I can't quite remember, but either way it was a little treat to myself to make up for never getting one when I was younger (I seem to be doing that more and more these days, my twelve year old self would be fucking delighted).

So there I am with a mint copy of HeroQuest and a vague sense of nostalgia, and me and the lads decided to give it a spin the next week. Long story short, we got pissed and had a ball, and played a fair few games over the subsequent years. Back then times were good and I was dick deep in disposable income, so my buying far outweighed my painting output, and I never painted a single model for it.

We're glad to finally put to rest the rumors that Rochie was the kid on the right hand side of this promo pic.
In other news we recently discovered he is also not German.

I eventually moved out of my parents house and left most of my collection in storage, but HeroQuest always came with me in the hope that I'd get a game in sometime, something which has yet to happen. 

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, and during a group chat Mr. Crooks asked me to choose between an orc, a goblin and a fimir. Not really understanding what was going on, and trying to formulate a particularly nasty vulgarity at the same time, I answered fimir; I was sure something about painting was coming up, and I've enough greenskins to be wading through at the moment. There's also the fact I've only previously painted one fimir model, and that was for someone else.

Some of Rochie's gorgeous greenskins - check out more at his blogsite!
So here we are, with me rambling on like there's something wrong with my wiring and the lads starting to regret the invitation (like the friend you bring to a house party and the prick robs everyone's drink and pukes on the bath mat), here's my first ever painted HeroQuest model, the Don Juan of the swamp, the fimir!

I'll be honest, the sculpt had me stumped for pretty much the entire time I was painting it, there was a lot of guess work and even a little swear word thrown in now and again, but with judicious use of washes and glazing I think I managed to beat him into shape! Thanks for looking lads, and thanks again to the lads for the invite, now I call on Just John to get the finger out and get one out for the lads!


  1. I'm pretty sure the swear words came out naturally ;)
    The fimir is looking ace but that's no surprise !

  2. Love the skin tones! They look perfectly like they belong in a mister with a fimir's proclivities!

  3. (Christ, how did he get in?) Ahahahaha, lovely to see you Rochie.

    Let's be honest, you'd swear anyway. Very nicely done Rochie, he looks a treat. We all know my affection for the cyclopean ones, so it's extra nice to see one done by yourself for the HQHQ.

  4. Cheers lads! I'm glad to get the patented Mr.Saturday thumbs up on this one, cos I've lost days to dribbling over your army over the years. In retrospect he was a lot of fun, and I do intend at some stage to finish the entire set now that I've got the horn for it, I'll keep yis all posted! And thanks again to whichever one of the creepers left the back gate unlocked, I can only apologise for shitting in the kettle

  5. Jesus, that Bonner illustration is quite disturbing isnt it? Bleurgh.

    The fimir showing up in HQ is pretty bizarre, like having Rolf Harris on childrens tv... oh wait...

    Nice work on the fimir Rochie, good stuff!

    Im mildy surprised to see that you mounted the fig in a 25mm circular base, I thought that you would go for a hex (not that it matters obviously).

    1. That Bonner illustration does get worse the more you look at it, that fimir is going to take his prize and nothing is gonna stop him doing it! The base thing was a bit of a snap decision that I'm still not entirely sure was the right one, but I had this idea to have all the monsters on rounds with the heroes on the usual hexes, to make them stand out on the board

  6. Top notch work there Rochie! As to fimirs in Heroquest we have all been enlightened about their habits. I need to use them more in my games, possibly taking on much more sinister aspect. All these years I have just been using them as bigger greenskin battering rams.

    1. Well, they have a reputation for smashing back doors in, so the battering ram description isn't too wide of the mark

  7. Somehow that fleshy pink nose is exceptionally disturbing. I've always considered Fimir to have beaks, but giving it a rose tinted wash makes it look soft, tactile almost. I'm shuddering at the thought!

    Excellent stuff Richie :)

    1. Bloody autocorrect. Rochie, not Richie!

    2. Cheers! Yeah I had an idea to do it more fleshy for just that reason, its much worse having that fleshy proboscis snuffling at the back of your head than having a beak pecking at it

  8. Great stuff Rochie! Love those naturalistic colours and subtle shades.