06 November 2016

The HeroQuest Hero Quest: The Third Fimir

Unlike the lovely chaps who are running and participating in this HeroQuest painting challenge, I have never actually played HeroQuest. Or any of the quest-y type games. I'll just let that sink in for a moment while you pick yourselves up from the floor...

Nor have I ever painted any of the plastic figures that came with the quest-y games, having previously viewed them with an abhorrence that is usually reserved for the dubious brown mush you find under your shoes after a stroll through a park popular with dog walkers.

But I was wrong. Well, at least in this case. I chose to paint one of the Fimir because I had picked up a bunch of them in bare plastic a little while ago because I saw them for sale on the cheap. The first figure I pulled out of the group had appalling mould slippage on the plastic, and I nearly decided to call it a day at that point. But on the off-chance I thought I'd check out another figure in the group, and it was fine. I had no idea that mould slippage variation like this was a feature of the plastic figures. Live and learn....

So, after small amount of mould line cleaning and a bit of green stuff filling of a hole in the small of the Fimir's back (some sort of plastic injection side effect?) it was time to think of a colour scheme. Well, actually, I'd already had one in mind. I was going to go full 1980s on this one:

I went with Foundry's Bright Green triad mixed with a little of their yellow for the main body colour, with a bit of a yellow glaze at the end. I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked this sculpt, and it was a complete joy to paint.

I decided to keep the base very simple because I didn't want it to detract from the rather fetching layout I've put him on. I don't think it's a piece of HeroQuest board, but I found it in my stash of scenery boards and I rather liked it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Next in line : Ashley


  1. Delightful eye-catching luminous green Steve - he puts me in mind of Slimer from Ghostbusters! Great stuff.

  2. That is a great advert for the Foundry's Bright Green triad! You've nailed that 80's bilious green look Steve :)

  3. Lovely work Steve, the green is tasty.

    Comparing old metals and new plastics and digital sculpts and analogue sculpts and old plastics is a bit like saying comparing classical music with pop or metal or whatever.
    Horses for courses.

    There is definitely pleasure to be had from painting those quaint old 90s plastics.

    In glad that you enjoyed the process.

  4. Very nice work Steve! But never playing Heroquest! Tsk tsk lol ;)

  5. You've never played Hero Quest? That HERESY!

    Joking aside, it's a great game and introduced huge numbers of Oldhammerers andMiddlehammerers to Table Top Gaming, myself included and is well worth playing through at least once!

  6. I've bought so many secondhand Greenskins in that acid green down the years, it must have been quite fashionable painting them that way. Nice work bringing it into the twenty-first century.

  7. Great colour scheme mate, dungeon crawl games were never my favourite and I did play a lot of them. I just preferred the cut and slash of a larger scale game!

  8. I'll be honest with you Steve, I've never played HQ either and don't exactly mean to mend this (although AHQ is far more up my street).
    The fimir is excellent and it's great to see the 3 painted in 3 distinctive styles. Your late output has been gaining in quality at a very enviable rate I have to say.

  9. A great take on the venerable plastic fimir Steve. I'm glad you've taken to the fellow, some of those old plastics have as much charm as the more prestigious old metals.

  10. Great job on him Steve, the green is positively bileous. :)