15 January 2017

The Creepmas Secret Santa

The Creeps organised a Secret Santa gift exchange last December, with each participant getting a single miniature from another anonymous Creep on Xmas Eve.

There were limited rules beyond each gift being a single model.  As we chat about toy soldiers for hours...




...we all had a fair idea about what miniatures the other Creeps might be after.  Recipients were not under any obligation to have their miniature painted by a set date... however... a few of us decided to try to get our new models painted to an early 2017 deadline.

You may have seen some of these models on our personal blogs or Facebook or forums or whatever, but as it was a group project - the core reason that this blog exists - we decided to put photos of the lot up here, in order of completion:

Captain Crooks' Warrior Priest

It's a well known fact to those who know it well, that I am a fan of Mordheim generally, and witchhunters specifically, so I was super happy on Creepmas Day when I opened the little packet of mystery and found one half of the famous witchhunting duo, Wilhelm Hasburg.

Definitely the nicer sculpt of the two, Wilhelm is destined to join my witchhunter warband as a warrior priest of Sigmar, and will likely fare just as well as all the rest of my warrior priests, which is to say, not well. The streets of Mordheim are not kind to those who seek to purify evil from the land.

For more information and a little blaspheming, saddle up and check out the full post on my blog!

Asslessman' Slaanesh cultist

Well, my secret Santa must have known my weakness for all things chaotic and Goodwinesque. For some reason though, I felt I had to go all out on such a model and since I already owned one, I took the liberty to convert it slightly to turn it into a 40k cultist. Changing weapons and heads is a weapon of choice for time efficient conversions so I kept it simple. It would have also been a pity to miss the nice details Jes added. Some WIP pics can be found here if needed.

Since we creepers dwell in the hobby places where funny meets dead serious, old meets new and the likes, I thought giving a Slaanesh folk a different scheme was right.
This was also the occasion for me to try new colour combos and it's helped me to get back on a project that had been stalling for a while. Thank you secret Santa !

Cheetor's Spanner

In anticipation of a project that has been in discussion for a while now, I received a GorkaMorka "Spanner" (mechanic) model on Xmas eve and finished painting it on New Years Day.  A tasty Brian Nelson sculpt from the late 90s, it was a treat to paint. More info and photos here if anyone is inclined.

I need to paint more battered, red pipe wrenches.  I want to paint an army of them.

Blackthumb the Spanner

Painting the model has set me off on an unexpected direction project wise for the start of 2017 (not an army of pipe wrenches).

Axiom's Dune Racer

It seems that I've developed a liking for beaten-up post-apocalyptic and sci-fi vehicles over the last 12 months. So much so that blister foam has become my favourite painting tool! And having already painted an old Grenadier Future Warriors Lightning Strike Buggy, my Secret Santa decided I needed a racing rival for it! So I painted nice red-pink paint job, then weathered it to death. As usual! More pics on the painting are here.

My Secret Santa needs to come to my place and we can play racing games!

antipixi's Mongrol

Having resigned myself before Xmas to the fact that I would have to pay above the odds for a copy of this miniature, I was delighted to open my Secret Santa present. My benefactor knows me well - I am one happy WIPster!

I altered the original pose slightly, to give him more of the powerful gorilla-like stance that I associate with Mongrol.

Whiskey Priest's Kremlo the Slann

My secret Santa has obviously been reading my recent excursions to the Southern Lands of Lustria and has decided that what I really need was an Amphibian leader of a Norse war band. Yep, None other than Kremlo the Slann popped out of the glittery wrapping on the that excitement filled morning of Wipmas. I squealed like a little piggy and and desperately tried to think of the people I could share my joy with. 

My wife looked upon Kremlo and sighed. My boys looked upon Kremlo and asked if they could watch CBeebies. Only my trusted Wipsters would appreciate my happiness and that they did! Here he is in all his glory with a couple of big mushrooms on his base for good measure. How I love you Kermit... cough, Kremlo. Merci mon pére secret.


  1. So happy with my gift!

    These all turned out great. Deffo a thing to be repeated next year.