28 March 2017

The tale of Wilson, Octopus extraordinaire

Sometimes, things, just "happen", chracters just come to life without us having to do anything with it. A few days ago, that just happened.
Sean posted this picture to us and the verdict was unanimous :

"I know it's fantasy and all but this is like ED Wood does Fantasy."

"It's shit. No question.

A model of that would be ace though."

"The barbarian isn't even trying!"

"He's giving fencing lessons to that octopus, can't you see it guys ?

"I buy that. I wonder why the octopus favors a cavalry sabre?"

"Its secret wish is to become a Hussar"

"COME ON WILSON ! I want that tentacle a little higher !"

Aaaaaand just like that, Wislon and his swordmaster Curdy were Born...

Oh and Lance and Laser just made our day :

If they ever care to sell us one of these guys, who knows what kind of wonderful stories we're gonna come up with ?

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