27 October 2017

The HeroQuest Hero Quest: The Sixth Orc

Or, the THIRD Heroquest orc, as I suppose this post might originally have been called as I signed up for orc number three.

Now the astute among you may notice that this means that orc number three comes after the fourth and fifth orcs, and that this means this orc is both three and six, but that's not a mistake as you might initially assume. Nor is it that I am spectacularly bad at finishing things (like, for example, blogging about a figure that has been painted for months) - what a suggestion! No, it is deliberate because it follows the infamously non-linear, occasionally non-Euclidean, and perpetually non-sensical counting pattern* of orcs themselves. I'd go into this in more detail, except the requisite chemical consumption for it to make sense is not a suitable topic for a family-friendly blog like this one.

[note from the producers : Since herding painters is even worse than herding cats, this will be the sixth orc that should have been third since the third will come later. Please don't ask.]

What's that? You want a picture of a painted miniature, not a monograph on orcish numerological peculiarities? Suit yourself. *grumble grumble* Peasants! Ignoramuses! 

This repellent example of orcflesh will get occasional time off dungeon guarding for good behaviour, and be allowed to join his more numero-normal colleagues in a bit of lootin' and pillagin'

Hope you like him,

*Please note, no Diane Abbot jokes were used in the making of this post. I'm practically a saint!


  1. Late for HQHQ perhaps, but bang on time for Orctober.

    You did a great job on his skin Rab. The HQ orc is slippery smooth, but you added some depth.

    Nice work, thanks for participating!

    1. Thanks, fella. Yes, the defining characteristic of this sculpt is its lack of definition! But trusty old Moss triad from Foundry saves the day again.

  2. I came here for extended discussion of orcish numerological peculiarities. I am quite disappointed by the limited discussion on this topic. Hrmph.

    1. One, two, five, nineteen, rock, six, thrifty-seven, club, food, mushroom, mushroom, mushroom.

  3. Lovely job! You've managed to give him a real malevolent glint in his eyes.

    I really like the pale brownish skin too :)

  4. Nice job Rab, that's as fine an example of prime orc as you'd want to encounter out the back of the pub. Good eyes too.

  5. He'd go well on the game table, just in front of a monstrous spell caster.