14 March 2016

Frostgrave - Deadite Warband #2

Another couple of additions for the Deadites today. Two more of the warband's characters, The wizard and the captain. I might be taking something of a risk pouring all that gold into a captain for a starting warband, but what the hell, it feels right.

The Kandarian is the warband's wizard. The 'Dark Ones' are shown to be the authors of the Necronomicon in Ash vs Evil Dead, so it made sense to include one of these mysterious dudes as the warband leader. He'll mostly be using Necromancy.

You all know who this is. Bad Ash will function as the warband's captain. I'm assuming he will bungle any duties given to him in spectacular fashion, but as long as it proves entertaining I'm cool with it. It wouldn't be a Deadite warband without Ash's evil twin in the mix. It'll be fun picking traits for him.

With these two done, the warband is starting to fill out. Next up we have a flying Deadite (thief) and an undead hound for Bad Ash to confide in.


  1. An awesome orgy of Olley here, god I love bathing in good Olley goodness.

    1. You know it. Get that Olley all over you now, that's it, all over..