14 April 2016

Judgement Day - Continued

The Judgement Day project that Cheetor and I were working on has moved into the background over the last couple of months as other projects have drawn our attention. It is not dead, however, as both of us are Judge Dredd nuts and we'll invariably come back to add models to our collections. There are several new Sov sculpts I have an eye on, for example. So far we've painted 34 models between us, you can see some here after the jump.

So, to keep the project ticking over we've decided to make it more casual. We are keeping the numbering system that we were using to see how far this may get over the years. It's also to keep everything under the Judgement Day umbrella. It won't be tag though, so I or Cheetor may submit 3 minis in a row before the other adds in a new model, for example. Here, after something of a pause, if Judgement Day 35, Odysseus Jones, undercity gang member.

This latest entry for Judgement Day is a mini close to my heart, from Mark Copplestones' phenomenal Future Wars range. You can still get many of these mins from EM4 and Copplestone Castings. They are a teeny bit small compared to today's minis, but that bothers me not a jot, as they are an exceptional range.

This fellow spent many years fighting across the gaming tables of my youth. Leading a motley crew of outcasts and criminals, Odysseus fought across cities, death worlds and drifting cargo ships. Eventually he was retired to storage, and has been there ever since. So it was very satisfying INDEED to rescue him from stasis and finally paint this 28mm hero of my gaming days of yore. Given a new lease of life, I expect Odysseus to appear everywhere from the darkness of Mega City One's undercity to the urban sprawl of a Rogue Trader hive world in the next few years. 

He just needs to get the old gang back together. 


  1. Throwing a bit of Coppleston ein the mix ? Oh that feels just right. The painting is groovy and the copplestone itch needs a new scratch now !

    1. A dash of Copplestone always makes things taste better.

    2. It's important not to let the Copplestones build up, or they may cause a blockage that requires a more drastic plan.

      It's important to get a few through the system annually.

      The fig is brilliant, as is the painting. It's as MC1 Undercity as it could possibly be, a dedicated fig wouldnt fit any better.

      Maybe it's that my miniature collection is leaning towards "ol and quaint", but I never thought of that range as being small.

      It's good to see you getting back in the (lawmaster) saddle again:)

    3. Thanks you kindly. He has a lot more Copplestone pals still waiting some brush time. He's a giant compared to the Citadel Dark Judges, but the Mongoose Sovs have a few millimetres on him.

    4. The Mongoose figs and the Citadel Dark Judges bookend the very extremes of the "28mm" definition I reckon.

      Copplestone is one of my very favourite sculptors and that range is an absolute classic.