07 May 2016

Dragon metal tag IV : The Dino Bratt

After Paul tagged me for the Dragon metal tag I had no choice but to man up and come up with something. Consider the previous entries and you'll realise I had to come up with something unusual to stay clear from the paths my WIPster friends had explored already.

That's why I thought of coming up with something new. The Dragon metal tag challenge is here to boost our imagination and creativity so I thought I'd push the limits of the concept a bit.
When it comes to modelling, my heart is always balancing between sci-fi and fantasy and dragons are most usually associated with fantasy...

So, if I were to take dragons into the future, what would be their equivalent ? Dinosaurs... Dinosaurs are the dragons from the future (read that a couple of times until it makes sense)

Dinosaurs are a huge part of retro sci-fi and the way I see, it' because they can pretty much be copy-pasted as they are and they still are a formidable threat with the added advantage to have existed and thus being "real" letting the "sci" in sci-fi take all its sense. Yes, dinosaurs are our own earthly monsters

I've made the rider a noble (using a Bratt for confrontation) to keep the link with the medieval lore with a 40k equivalent and I've tried to make a contrast between the dino itself and the rider, suggesting the rider is probably not attached to his mount but used to changing every now and then.

Now I feel a bit relieved to have this cleared, I'll tag my excellent friend Colin who should be able to come up with something both cool and new and in no time.


  1. Trés cool, mes Amis! Thankfully I've got somthing sitting on top of the microwave that might just be able to fulfill my part of this ridiculous challenge. Just need to get it painted ;)

    1. You do that ! I've scratched th espace dino itch, now entertain us !

  2. Dino riders! The Rulons are brain boxing theirs up the valley! Lol I really like it JB!

  3. Dino Riders meets Confrontation = Awesome 80s explosion! :)