12 May 2016

Dragon Metal Tag V - Dragon Rider

Now as you good readers know, there are some right talented bastards on this blog, so when it comes to a tag project it's time to pull the finger out and up your game. As Antipixi, Cheetor, Crooksy and JB were getting there dragon fetish on, I knew at some point it was going to be my turn. But I don't own a Dragon! I've never owned a Dragon! What am I going to do? I trawled through stuff of legends and considered nearly every dragon GW ever made, I thought I could do a Lava dragon twisting round a rock or an Imperial Dragon crushing a knight or a Green dragon chasing a dwarf but none of them floated my boat.

And then one night...

On eBay...

I spotted this Ugly little bastard

And I fell in love.

I've no Idea who makes him. No idea who sculpted him. No idea how old he is. But I had to make him mine.

And soon after, I was goofing around, wondering what to do with him when this happened! At first I couldn't believe it worked. Nah, I thought to my self, it's too daft to work. But the more a squinted the more I turned it in my hand the more right it appeared. It had to be done!

He go a custom base and a greenstuff saddle. He got cute little new wings cut off a Stirge.

It looks like a baby wrapped in a shawl!
The rider even got my first attempt at a sculpted shield! And then he got the paint! No matter how I tried, this guy was just begging for a stupid big bright paint job.

Look at his lovely face, how can you not love him!

This is going to represent the Orc boss in my Greenskins army. He's the leader of the Orc allied/mercenary contingent and is essentially a bit of a canny military contractor. For a share of the loot and the killing he brings along his boys and some war machines to help tip the scales in favour of his employer.

The Dragon is payment for some Mercenary work he undertook in the far east. Or he stole it from the emperor of Cathay. Or he ordered it from a catalogue and couldn't quite work out what the sizes meant. Or he found an egg and has raised it from a hatchling. Any of these could be true but we do know that he's very proud of his little dragon and had incinerated many a foe (as well as a few friends) and one day hope to be able to take to the sky while mounted on the beasts back.

In the actual fact the Dragon may be a little bit dim witted by Dragon standards and has a bad habit of eating the Gobbo's that get to close to him, which isn't all that bad as they are only Gobbo's but he does get their arrows stuck in his throat which is a right pain in the wotsits to get out.

So there you go, My first dragon. In so many ways.

Jon! I tag thee good sir! Get yer Dragon on!


  1. Marvellous! That goofy bastard is brilliant

  2. Great work! The dragon is an old Tin Soldier one (Australian company I think).

  3. The combination of that stupid dragon and that serious orc is just brilliant, the fabulous shield and painting scheme is just icing on top of it all.

  4. Spectacular.

    The dragon plus rider combo is inspired. The painting is perfect for the subject matter.

    I lol'ed at "Urethra!".

  5. The shield is amazing. Great job.

  6. He's so cute! I love the vibrant colours, but it's his happy, puppy dog face that makes me giggle. Inspired selection!

  7. I out and out goddam love this model. It's noting short of genius. Bravo, bravo TO THE MAX.

  8. The expression on that dragons face is nothing short of hilarious. Imagine having that glaring down at you on the battlefield? A crazy & dangerous beast all rolled into one.

    Kick arse!

  9. Haha, great piece! Both dragon and rider combine in a way I couldn't imagine!