03 May 2016

Fatally Deviant...

Asslessman: "A blonde, an Irish karateka and a monk walk into a bar...".
That could be the start of the best of jokes but it's actually the start of a very serious project that's been worked on in our lounge lately.

There are times when watching a bad movie is not enough.  These are times when you need other people to see it too so they can share the experience with you.  There are also time when those people need to watch it more than once to get the full might of it and there are even times when all those people feel the urge to spend some more time and energy on the subject...

Long story short, some of us WIPsters have watched Fatal Deviation and felt the need to recreate this (unfortunately) unforgettable piece of Irish culture, knowing full well what insanity awaited us on the path...

Just so we can start on a proper ground and you folks fully appreciate what we're talking about here, please watch this movie beforehand (twice).  It's Ireland's first (and maybe only) karate movie featuring world renowned stars:

You're done?  Goooood (you're still bleeding from the ears by the way), now let's see what elements we need to make this glorious cinematographic gem come to life in 28 mm... 

First, we need THE HERO.  He has to be a convincing martial artist who looks as strong as he's simple minded:

A debauchery of muscles greatly helped by the Catachan arms and a T-shirt to his dojo's colours from Terra and with his name on top (spot the Easter egg now) :

There's of course THE VILLAIN :

Cheetor: Yes nineties pop fans, that is Mikey Graham from BOYZONE in the antagonists role in Fatal Deviation.  

"How was he?" you ask?  
Well, I prefer his music...

In the concept stage I did some research into how Mikey is doing almost twenty years later...

I havent got better looking in the last twenty years either unfortunately.

But Mikey did make a public appearance that stuck with me...

No, I dont understand either.

But when my delivery from the Heresy Miniatures Kickstarter arrived, it all fell into place...

Grimdark, far future Mikey.

Asslessman:  And what would a Karate movie be without a heart-breaking plot with great twists ?

Say "karate movie" and I hear "tournament" (edit: or when pronounced by most of the characters in the film, a "tourmanent"). When you have a karate tournament and lives depending on its outcome, that means your have a sensei... or a hobo monk sensei... or even a cyber hobo-monk sensei...

You need training and A MONTAGE !

You have no idea how I'm looking forward to getting to the final stages of the story when we'll get into the romance parts...

"I hope dat yeh like oranges.  I cant sop eatin' de feckin' tings, heh heh!"

Asslessman: And... (Really hope we find rules to play this part)

There's definitely a feeling inside...


  1. Absolutely fucking amazing! I haven't seen that movie in years but ill fight anyone who thinks it's any less than cinematic gold

    1. That film is the greatest visual masterpiece ever committed to hi-8 film. A tour-de-force of elegant dialogue and wry wit set in the backdrop of sunny Trim. A must-see for the young, and the dead of heart. 5 Stars.

  2. This. This is amazing. Don't question anything from Trim.

  3. I hadn't heard of this movie before, but I'm itching to get home so I can watch it now!:D

    1. If the imbd reviews are anything to go by then I'm in for a life changing experience ;)