02 June 2016

Top Olleys - The Card Game for Bob Olley Fans

An affectionate ode to the sometimes challenging aesthetic of master miniature sculptor, Bob Olley.

Introducing Top Olleys!

Top Olleys is a new collectable card game from WIPster Productions, bringing together a selection of some of the all-time best miniature sculpts by the Bob ‘The Wrinkle Master’ Olley.

Owner of a pair of Iron Claw Squats from 1989? Or a squad of Kryomek Nexus Marines? Perhaps you have Bob’s 90mm version of Frodo from the short-lived Shire Evocations range, or maybe your eye was caught by Cavalcade Games’ Samurai minotaurs? With hundreds of figures produced over the decades for dozens of different companies, how could you ever hope to determine Top Olley?

Well now you can!

Deck One (due to be released this Summer), is the first in a series of 6 decks devoted to the masterful sculpting of Bob Olley.

Can your Throg'n'Gog beat Shrike? You betcha, just sing out that wrinkle factor of 35.

Watch out for Lukan the Decayed though, with his wrinkle factor of 300, he's the Top Olley in the deck!

Aeldwurth the Belch has a great charm factor of 8 - in fact he comes out top against Delford Sherwin across the board!

Play with your friends to find the Top Olley. Which figure is the most Exotic? Which figure has the highest Rarity?

Fun for all the family, with Wrinkles Guaranteed!

(We love you Bob)


  1. Sooo... I'm down for two of the base deck, but it's the Space Pirate Mercenary expansion that excites me most.

    "Bob Olley goblin wolf riders ashigaru" is one of my favourite sentences of 2016 to date.

    1. Personally I'm looking forward to 'Exotic Creatures Large and Small', but blending the decks together is going to be a lot of fun!

  2. ow I need to paint me some more !

  3. Well now that's just fucking fantastic!

    1. More wrinkles than the front row of Live at 3!

      If you flattened out every Olley miniature it would create enough surface area to make a road from Earth to Mars.

      Seriously. Yeah, honest.

      Well that's what I heard...

  4. Yep, I've got a friendly Olley Giant that wants some attention. I think I need to add to the next deck!

  5. I need more Olley in my hobby life! I want this game and the expansions.

    Actually, I have some more Olley beastmen that need painting.

  6. This had me laughing on the train all the way from Parramatta to Granville. And I'm going to read it again to carry the laughs to at least Lidcombe. Well done axiom, and to all the WiPsters who contributed models. I'm going to have to up my game for the next set, bring the wrinkles!

  7. I so want a set with a soace hulk private commission addon deck! ;)