21 December 2016

We Wish You a Merry Creepmas! - Part 1

With the traditional festivities for the end of the year going on, some WIPsters have decided to celebrate them the best (if not only) way they know: painted models. Below are the first set of festive miniatures, with a second post due if more of our intrepid Wipsters can dodge wrapping things and drinking stuff in order to paint their entries before Christmas is upon us.

Santa is coming.

Now take a seat, a nice drink and enjoy the quiet joy of painted models before the frenzy of calories, children screaming all around, sitting next to your in-laws and such wonderful times.

Asslessman: Nativity in the Hive.

After having both my space Santa and and Sanity Klaws painted last year, I was short on Christmas themed miniatures I must say.
Things is, I'm absolutely not fond of the red and green associated with that time of the year and the thought of giving a red nose and candy stick to some other "normal" model was beyond me...
But then what ? Oh there's this other Christmas story yes, the one about the birth of a kid whose 33 years on earth have changed the world afterward.
Now here's something I feel more comfortable with, I had just the perfect couple of models for it and I had the idea to make this  fun.
So here's my Christmas entry, a sinister nativity scene with the birth of a child that might very well change the face of his world...

Axiom: Candlemas in The Slump

Every year, just around the winter equinox, inhabitants of The Slump gather round the dung fires to share a meal of roast hag-lice and a glass of radshine. Legend has it that the infamous bounty hunter, The Blessed Sniklaus, visits The Slump, delivering gifts to the needy and worthy and summary justice to the good. The Blessed Sniklaus is a barrel-chested man with a booming voice and an expansive dark beard. He rides a sledded grav-sled, laden with packages and pulled by a tireless beast. The gifts are handed out by his grumpy squat happy little helper, accompanied by the festive jingling of his slung ammo belts. So as you hear the jolly "Ho, ho, ho!" and the whine of the grav-sled, you must ask yourself, have you been naughty or nice?

99% of all Space Santas are red with white trim. Fact. Cheetors's is. Asslessman's isn't, but he's a maverick (I am also a maverick. Your maverick measurement criteria are suspect - Cheetor) My Space Santa is less seasonal. More Brian Blessed than Richard Attenborough. Bombastic, unhinged, charismatic, dangerous to know!

Mr Saturday: Santa, Chaos Style

"So, how many skulls did you reap for Khorne this year sonny? Let's see if I have a mutation or daemon-flavoured lollipop in here for you..."

This is my first time painting something festive, and I had just the fellow. I spent some time tracking this guy down, and this was the perfect opportunity to get him under the brush. I give you Chaos Santa. What does he have in his sack for you?

For a rather venerable old sculpt, this lad is pretty big. That's a 32mm base he's striding over. He has a fair few nooks and crannies to get paint into, but he's a lovely chunky fellow and he's going to make sure you have a merry Christmas. The Gods demand it. Especially Khorne. Mad for Christmas that lad. Look at his colours, red, black, gold? All he needs is a big sack of skulls to give out and a fake beard. "HO HO HO MORTALS, KHORNE DEMANDS JOY! RIVERS OF BL- I MEAN JOY. PILES OF SK- AH, MERRIMENT, RISING UP TO THE SKY! CHAOS BLESS US, EVERY ONE!"

I had never used snow effects before, I used some slush and snow from Hudson & Allen I've had for years. It turned out pretty okay I think, I even found a bauble to throw in there.

It might be Santa, but he still has a nice meaty axe tucked into his belt. That ain't for cutting down the Christmas tree I'll warrant.

Stay tuned for Creepmas Part 2!


  1. This has made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

  2. Some very clever riffs on the theme. I especially like the warped nativity scene. Those figures play their roles beautifully.

  3. Smashing all around!

    Brian Blessed lookalike is fantastic! This scheme looks even better than traditional red&white efforts.