07 July 2016

28 centimeters later ...


Captain Crooks: Well Creepers, it's been three days since the announcement of this challenge, so it's time for a progress report! Here you can see that I have already produced two finished models, with the rest all blocked in and ready for their vinegar strokes.

At this stage i'm feeling pretty good about where i'm at, and we haven't heard a whole lot from Mr Minus-Ass the Boastful, so I've taken a little break to muck about with my phone apps... hee! Look how good my models look.

"Containment failed in sector Z! Why did we think it was a good idea to breed these highly intelligent and sexual ghouls!"
In terms of paint schemes, I have picked a couple of different influences. The more militaristic models with body armour, helmets etc, have been painted with the Colonial Marines of Aliens fame in mind. Green fatigues, dark grey armour with a hint of plasticity; this gave a nice contrast to the pale blue skin tones.

"Are those ghouls... sexualizin' in there? Bring the incinerators... NOW!"

The science/tech guys will be painted in pairs of blue and yellow, with uniforms reminiscent (i.e. stolen) from the Fallout series, and yellow and dark grey, in a scheme that harks back to Halflife.

"I didn't agree to be associated with this perverse nonsense. You'll be hearing from Bethesda's lawyers..."

"These sexual ghouls, do they have... crabs?"
Anyway that's enough of my self-satisfied rambles, let's take a look at Mr Assless'.... 'efforts'.

Asslessman: With such a tension building because of the Zombie/ghoul/undead project, desperate acts were bound to happen. And I mean desperate as in 4 hours sitting behind a table and just takking 10 minutes to eat instant noodles.

Having put up with Crook's ceaseless taunting for a number of evenings, the time came to set the record straight. The models had been blocked with colour and most skin tones done save for a few hidden elements that were not immediately obvious as skin ( the detail on these Mantic 'plague zombies' is a little soft, but not outside the reasonable bounds of a normal plastic multipart kit). All it needed was one big push to get them finished, so last night I sat for four hours straight, not even stopping to take a leak, until all were finished, based and rimmed (my ghouls are sexual too, see?).

Here is a detailed breakdown of my painting times:

From the undercoat :

- Day one : 1 hour to paint the bases , block skin and do all the washes on it 

- Day two : half an hour to block the main colours 

- Day three : - under an hour to block all the other colours 
                     - About half an hour to makes all the washes 
                     - Under 2 hours to highlight everything and add a bit of weathering on the trousers 
                     - About an hour to do all the details, base rimes, tufts and gore

So there you have it! I declare I am the winner of the first Scale Creep Race Challenge. Read it and weep, Crooks!

Captain Crooks:

...w-well it seems I've been told. The object lesson here being, don't taunt a Frenchman if you can't handle the cheese. Of course, the real losers here are you, the Creeps, who could have looked forward to two, three, maybe four more humerous and informative updates to this challenge, had JB not been so selfish and finished his models so fast - what did he think this was, a RACE or something? Three days man?! Come on? That's... that's just silly.

Anyway. that's enough tears from me, I'm taking what's left of my dignity and going to go and slowly paint the rest of my space ghouls... till next time Creepers, when Mr Saturday and Cheetor go head to head in a full-mini sculpting race to the death!*

*Dramatization, may not happen.


  1. Ouch. That was stone cold.

    You could at least have bought him dinner first A-Man.

    All the zombies look great guys, so in some ways, you are both winners... but in another more accurate way, one of you isnt.

    Im looking forward to seeing the luxurious paint jobs on the rest of your guys Captain. Use the energy of petty spite, give in to your hate and make those ghouls worthy of the Louvre.

  2. It wouldn't have been so bad without all the big talk James. It was almost as if JB let you paint yourself into a corner and then went for the kill. It bet he had those painted weeks ago.

    1. The whole thing stinks worse than a wheel of stinky French cheese. But I wont let it get meeeAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??!!

    2. I swear to sweat titty Jesus that you had me cornered the day before yesterday but the taunting and Colin's authoritative "get your fingers out" got the best of me.

  3. Man Crooks you got served son! LMAO Way to get after it JB and to rub the losers nose in it...classic. Keep the hilarity coming Scale Creep it brightened my day. LOL

  4. Is it sad that I'm not that fussed about who won, or the models. But I love seeing Crooksie reduced to tears?!