18 July 2016


Games Workshop is due to release a gladiatorial combat game in September.  I enjoy GW boardgames more than battle games: they represent the distilled best of the hobby to me when done well.

Gladiator games have particular appeal too, due to featuring a low miniature count and the option to play simple and fun multiplayer games about dramatically killing people.  A game like this is a must-have for me.

Name: Giuseppe.  
Likes: blood, flaming blood.  
Dislikes: big moths. 

“Gorechosen” is based on what I regard to be the most single mindedly dull faction in the rich and occasionally nuanced Warhammer settings: followers of Khorne.
Name: Vincent.  
Likes: blood, nosebleeds.  
Dislikes: lack of blood, team sports.

I doubt that “Bloodbound” brush their teeth, but if they do then they brush them with a sharpened, bloody femur, doused in O-positive while showering in blood in their Bloodhouse, Platelet Crescent, Scab Drive, Slaughter-Upon-Blood.

Name: Howard.  
Likes: blood, arterial spray.  
Dislikes: choosing something to watch on Netflix.

Weirdly although this dull single mindedness makes Khorne projects generally too one-note to interest me, they are funny to talk about.
The Creeps had an amusing discussion about the Bloodbound game and these sorts of characters the other day.  As a result we decided to get the drop on the new game when it comes out, by each of us painting a frothing, monomaniacal psychopath in advance.

Name: Eugene. 
Likes: blood, long soaks in the tub (of blood).  
Dislikes: poor wi-fi connections on public transport.

I dont speak for all the Creeps when I say that I find the stupendously OTT characters in the box quite appealing in their gross absurdity.  They amuse me and I feel a surprisingly strong urge to paint them.

Regardless, due to all of the participants having ready access to some suitable old Citadel figures, we decided to go with them in our project instead.  Several of the figures likely to appear come from the old Chaos Thug range.

We will be using models such as these in our project.
Picture borrowed from solegends.com (we love you guys!)
Captain Crooks has (blood)volunteered to post the first Haemo-erotic model ASAP so watch this space. Then in turn he will (blood)tag another (corn syrup)Creep to be the (blood)next to sub(lood)mit.


  1. To my relief this post had nothing to do with vampires.


    1. Christ no.

      Sorry to have alarmed you Leadhead, it was irresponsible of me.