22 July 2016

Haemo-Erotic Tag 1: Halfdan Guntsplitter, Aspiring Gorechampion of the Blood-god

The skies roiled with inky black clouds, shook with thunderous crashes of thunder and was rent with forks of hideous red lightning. A new champion of the Blood-God was in ascendance, heralded by rains of gore and the screams of the dying. It was time for the bloodening to begin. It was time for...



Some ideas are really infectious, much like a gaping wound left by a humongous gladiator that was too insulted by your feeble attempts to fight to even bother finishing you off. Cheetor is super excited about the impending release of the new GW game Gorechosen, enough that he has swept us all up in a gory tide of feverish activity, carefully selecting miniatures from our leadpile based on their suitability in terms of exposed musculature, oversized weaponry and general potential for bloodliness. My choice was simple, as there aren't many models in my pile with a punch-dagger large enough to punch through two people standing back to back.

"You want me to fight this skeleton? They don't even HAVE blood in them AAAAARGH!!"
The Warhammer Quest series of miniatures is beloved by many, and i'm always pleased to pick them up in my travels. This guy, the Pit Fighter, has waited long enough for his time, and suits this  project most gorefully. His spiky flail is perfect for smashing open skullz and spilling the satisfying goo within, and his ludicrously big punch-dagger (punch-sword?) shall claim many a litre for his dark god.

There's going to be some magnificent additions to this series from my fellow Creeps, and to continue it, i'm tagging JB Asslessman, whom I just know is going to wow us with a spectacle worthy of Spartacus, only like, more bloodfully goretastic.


  1. Challenge accepted, I'll rip and tear the whole world in an orgy of violence and tamya clear red !

  2. The character name followed by the first caption made me lol before the jump.

    Extra scab rations for you and Guntsplitter as a result Captain.

    Thats a fun old 90s fig too, screaming his "heroic 28mm" bloodsong into the heavens.

  3. Great work on a nice figure. I mean figure in the sense of a metal miniature, not than Halfdan himself has a nice figure..... oh fuck I'll just tick arousing and be done with it.


  4. Bloody good stuff har har har.
    I can't help but love that mini, as ridiculous as he is.
    Great painting and use of FX magic too (would the Blood God approve of such sorcery?)

    You guys are all sick and I hope you never get better.

    1. He totally approves of blood coloured lightning and imbuing weapons with the power of blood. Which, on introspection, isn't really that powerful.

  5. May gunts jiggle in fear! Terrified of the prospect of their unnatural, additional belly clunge being torn asunder.

    Nice work, Cpt. (As always)