12 May 2016

Dragon Metal Tag V - Dragon Rider

Now as you good readers know, there are some right talented bastards on this blog, so when it comes to a tag project it's time to pull the finger out and up your game. As Antipixi, Cheetor, Crooksy and JB were getting there dragon fetish on, I knew at some point it was going to be my turn. But I don't own a Dragon! I've never owned a Dragon! What am I going to do? I trawled through stuff of legends and considered nearly every dragon GW ever made, I thought I could do a Lava dragon twisting round a rock or an Imperial Dragon crushing a knight or a Green dragon chasing a dwarf but none of them floated my boat.

And then one night...

On eBay...

I spotted this Ugly little bastard

07 May 2016

The Dorty Double Dozen

What a special treat we have today, fellow creeps. As the first of the battle reports from the amazing Knavecon weekend in Ireland, we are proud to present:

And 'friends', in

Dragon metal tag IV : The Dino Bratt

After Paul tagged me for the Dragon metal tag I had no choice but to man up and come up with something. Consider the previous entries and you'll realise I had to come up with something unusual to stay clear from the paths my WIPster friends had explored already.

That's why I thought of coming up with something new. The Dragon metal tag challenge is here to boost our imagination and creativity so I thought I'd push the limits of the concept a bit.
When it comes to modelling, my heart is always balancing between sci-fi and fantasy and dragons are most usually associated with fantasy...

03 May 2016

Fatally Deviant...

Asslessman: "A blonde, an Irish karateka and a monk walk into a bar...".
That could be the start of the best of jokes but it's actually the start of a very serious project that's been worked on in our lounge lately.

There are times when watching a bad movie is not enough.  These are times when you need other people to see it too so they can share the experience with you.  There are also time when those people need to watch it more than once to get the full might of it and there are even times when all those people feel the urge to spend some more time and energy on the subject...

Long story short, some of us WIPsters have watched Fatal Deviation and felt the need to recreate this (unfortunately) unforgettable piece of Irish culture, knowing full well what insanity awaited us on the path...