27 October 2017

The HeroQuest Hero Quest: The Sixth Orc

Or, the THIRD Heroquest orc, as I suppose this post might originally have been called as I signed up for orc number three.

Now the astute among you may notice that this means that orc number three comes after the fourth and fifth orcs, and that this means this orc is both three and six, but that's not a mistake as you might initially assume. Nor is it that I am spectacularly bad at finishing things (like, for example, blogging about a figure that has been painted for months) - what a suggestion! No, it is deliberate because it follows the infamously non-linear, occasionally non-Euclidean, and perpetually non-sensical counting pattern* of orcs themselves. I'd go into this in more detail, except the requisite chemical consumption for it to make sense is not a suitable topic for a family-friendly blog like this one.

[note from the producers : Since herding painters is even worse than herding cats, this will be the sixth orc that should have been third since the third will come later. Please don't ask.]

What's that? You want a picture of a painted miniature, not a monograph on orcish numerological peculiarities? Suit yourself. *grumble grumble* Peasants! Ignoramuses! 

25 October 2017

The Hero Quest Hero Quest: The Fifth Orc

Hi all,

I'd like to start with a quick word of thanks to the ScaleCreepers for the invite to participate in this "event" and to guest author on this august Blog!  Cheers boys!

I guess there is supposed to be where I wax philosophical about HeroQuest and about how great it is, or was, and how discovering it changed my life and lead me down the path to proper wargamming enlightenment.

...Well I'm sorry to disappoint...but, I'm actually not that fond of HQ and had managed to avoid  playing a game of if until the summer of 2015 when AirborneGrove introduced it to me at the OHNW event in Allentoen PA...this was followed by one other notable game in the fall of 2016 that was GMed by Crooksy from the other side of the world...sadly I think I slept through the second half of that game....I got tired of watching Lopez's character fall into pit trap...after pit trap...after pit trap...zzzzzz

13 October 2017

Eternian Flame - Him Homme and Scaredy Cat

Back in August, Asslessman proposed that we indulge in a bit of nostalgia with a group project in homage to the most heroic of 1980s heroes: He Man.

He Man was The Man. He was tough. He was brave. He had a kick-ass sword and a fearsome tiger to ride around on. He fought against some pretty unpleasant bad guys and delivered wholesome moral lessons to the avid cartoon-watching children of the era. He is the perfect character to reimagine in 28mm for a different setting in a different universe...

22 August 2017

The Kev Adams Vanity project

OK, so after a few of us got together at BOYL this summer (the Oldhammer event in Newark), many of us got a special model converted by no other than the Goblin master himself ! 
Kev Adams gives you the opportunity to customise a model for you for a small fee (given to charity).
And although you could ask plenty of things, the most easy and pleasant idea is usually to get your own face added onto a model of your choice.

We thought we'd just show you what 4 of us decided to do and paint the models for the occasion !

30 May 2017

Shadow War: Armageddon Warbands

The Pyranids of Hive Splinter Penzance

Taking our full responsabilities of trend setters at Scale Creep Inc. we have decided this time to start a trend people would follow even before we set it.
Shadow Wars : Armageddon is one of the latest games GW has published and it's probably the kind many have been waiting for.

28 March 2017

The tale of Wilson, Octopus extraordinaire

Sometimes, things, just "happen", chracters just come to life without us having to do anything with it. A few days ago, that just happened.
Sean posted this picture to us and the verdict was unanimous :

25 March 2017

Wipsters on the Seas of Fate

Sometimes good ideas just creep up on you. Last weekend someone started a chat on the Oldhammer FB page about the Elric RPG Stormbringer. We had a informative little discussion and minutes later I was browsing eBay. Within 2 days a copy of Stormbringer had popped through my door. Pursuing the wonders of Elrics world I thought about how I might put on a game set in the world of the Young Kingdoms.

It occurred to me that a game with just Elric wandering about kicking ass and Stormbringer drinking should might be a bit one sided. The classic citadel Eternal Champion set has several characters that are different incarnations of the Eternal Champion so are just as bad ass as the last king of Melnib√≥ne. Then, while standing in the shower thinking I remembered the first story in the Elric novel, Sailor on the Sea of Fate.

Basically Elric gets picked up by a mysterious ship and taken off into the mist. The ship sails between different planes of reality and we get to meet other incarnations of the Eternal Champion. They are taken to places to do battle in order to restore the balance between the gods of Law and Chaos, these places may or may not be on the same plane or time that the Champions are from.

And all of a sudden an Idea for the Wipsters game at BOYL17 was in my head!

Each player picks an incarnation of the Eternal Champion and a companion. They could be one of the ones we all know and love, Corum, Hawkmoon, Erekose or indeed Elric or they could be obscure ones that crop up in one of Moorcocks novels (Brian or Goldberg anyone?) or they could make one up and invent their own mythos along with a figure lovingly crafted in Moorcockian style (if there is such a thing).

These Characters will be delivered on the beach of some strange land where they are to stop the Summoning of some creature of another Plane who's entrance into the world will tip the balance between Law and Chaos with catastrophic results.
But who is the mysterious sorcerer who attempting to summon such a being? What dangers lie between the beach and the ruined tower that enigmatic captain has told our heroes is their goal?

The plan is, therefore, for the Various Wipsters and Friends who will be gathering at the Oldhammer weekend to get their Champion and companion painted between now and the fateful day. Their efforts will be displayed on the mighty pages of this blog.

I will be painted foes for them to battle and will be also be putting together a battleground for their heroic epic to be taking place on. I will also be deciding which rules we'll be using and also trying to keep a lid on the extraneous boasting about their champions abilities by limiting or boosting their stats as thing progress.

So essentially, stay tuned. However, to whet your whistle you might want to check out Axiom's posts about his Moorcock miniatures. He has lots of nice ones.

17 March 2017

The Hero Quest Hero Quest: The Fourth Orc

He's Mean and GREEN!!

Thoughts on Orcs by BulldogLopez

Orcs are green things that live in holes and eat humans for fun. They like working for bad guys with loads of treasure because humans like treasure and Orcs like to eat humans for fun.

Did I mention that orcs like to eat humans for fun? They do.

Here is a picture of a cleaver.

One time a silly human was wandering around the forest (probably looking for treasure) when he ran into this orc. The human took out some white dice and threw them at the orc. He laughed a silly human laugh when the dice showed three silly shields.

The orc cut off the human's arms and laughed. His joke was better.

The human didn't scream for long because he ran out of blood. Humans are so silly.

This orc was painted with green paint because green is the best color. His tunic is blue because this orc sometimes like the color blue. Did I mention green is the best color? The cleaver is covered in human blood.

Humans are silly.

16 March 2017

The First Annual Pro Painter Burger Brush Cup

On a quiet wednesday night/evening/afternoon/morning (depending on time zones), a few guys gathered on a video chat to do what they do best : talking non sense. And painting.
The idea though was motivated by the will to paint like PROS. Exclusively with their worst brush.

03 February 2017

Remember Cadia: Our Brave Returning Heroes

Previously on Remember Cadia.
The forces of chaos did a very bad thing. Cadia was destroyed.


And now...
The last survivors of Cadia fight on against the Black Legion on the moon of Klaisus. Reports reach sector commanders that a small flotilla of lifeboats, merchantmen and Imperial Navy craft evacuated a tiny fraction of the population of Cadia - mainly civilians and injured service personnel. These refugees have been directed to safe space, outside the warzone.

Upon reaching sanctuary, Cadian veterans find that they are reviled and mistreated by the local population. Tainted by the whiff of chaos and the dishonour of failure.

A badly injured Cadian veteran is spat on and sneered at by locals.

31 January 2017

Remember Cadia: Sky Marshal Samuel "Silverback" DiBrando


After spending about twenty objective years perpetually at about three subjectives seconds to galactic midnight, the timeline in the Imperium is finally progressing.  This is a fun thing.
Well, not fun for the Imperium generally, but for fans.

Pretty much off the starting blocks, Cadia was destroyed.
In a middle aged effort to remain relevant with hip, young folk the Creeps have decided to paint some Cadians.

22 January 2017

The HeroQuest Hero Quest: The Wizard

Last to the party, but still with monsters following behind him, comes The Wizard!

Fistion the Fabulous (The name given to him by his parents was Reginald, but seriously who's going to be in awe of 'The Mighty Reginald'!?!) jogged through the dimly lit corridors. A drip of something cold fell from the ceiling and ran down inside his tunic.

Buffdar the Buffoon (something that Reggie promised himself to say out loud one day) had gone into the next room and Fistion could hear the clash of steal. It was probably more orcs; Buffdumn always roared that way when fighting the greeskins.

Fristion heard a grunt from his cerebrally challenged companion and immediately reached into his pockets for his spell cards.  Looks like the big fellow was going to get the healing spell again. Fristion really hoped that the diminutive grumpy one managed to release Mydicyn... er..... Medicanyc...  er..... The Elf from the lat trap. He hated having to use his staff on orcs - it wasn't fair! They had more dice than him!!

I volunteered to paint the wizard almost straight away. I have long planned to paint my heroquest set and what better way to start than as part of a Creep project. I started him only shortly after Cheetor started his dwarf and almost immediately stalled. This has been the most difficult model that I have ever painted! He has no details other than the ripples on his cloak. I have been told to avoid free-handing a 28mm face and I now know why - it destroys your soul!

However, after getting an awesome Secret WIPster present of Mongrol, I set myself the restriction of not being allowed to paint anything else, until the wizard was done.

So, here he is (he's not perfect, but I'm reasonably pleased with how he came out):

I really hope we get the chance to put all these HQ models together for a game one day.

15 January 2017

The Creepmas Secret Santa

The Creeps organised a Secret Santa gift exchange last December, with each participant getting a single miniature from another anonymous Creep on Xmas Eve.