29 August 2016

Haemo-Erotic Tag 5: Chodus Virilius Clungerender

Challenged by Mr Saturday Night, I have painted my Old Skool GoreChosen of Khorne.

Meet Chodius Virilius Clungerender:

Chodus Virilius Clungerender stands ready awaiting all opponents.

24 August 2016

Haemo-Erotic Tag 4: Arnuld Clotchewer

Following on from Hyu-Jigo the Pin Rat, I present my own gorechosen, Arnuld Clotchewer, who likes travelling, meeting new people and long walks in the rain. The blood rain. With the head of the person he just met clasped in a red fist.

I enjoyed working on his big shoulder plates, it gave me a chance to work out how I'd approach some of his more armoured mates, should I decide to paint Arnuld some mates.

Arnuld is one of my favourite chaos thugs minis, not least because of the creepy hood. I wanted to make sure it stayed creepy, so it's painted like pale flesh covered in the spray of some recent victim. He looks a bit like a body builder mixed with a serial killer. Hacking people up must make for great cardio. "Feel the BURN!" should be one of big red's war cries methinks, for he seems to likes them ripped. I can just imagine Arnuld screaming "Got tooo da choppa realmgate! !" in many, many of his games.

Next up, Antipixi! I choose you!

16 August 2016

Haemo-Erotic Tag 3: Hyu-Jigo the Pin Rat

After Asslessman's Willy and Crooksie's Guntsplitter, I figured it was time to share my Hyu-Jigo with you all.

Just to remind you of the premise for this tag along, pick a muscle-bound, barely clad, large weapon-wielding loon a inspired by the subtleties of GW's new Gorechosen game.

My lead pile was somewhat sparse of suitable figures, so I delved into my bits box and created the sort of muscle-bound meat head who's clearly been forgetting leg day!

Hyu-Jigo the Pin Rat is renowned in the fighting pits for his over-large blade and over large arms. After a neat decapitation, the slick blood-drenched fighter loves nothing more than flexing triceps, kissing his biceps and showing off his heavily sculpted back. But in the locker room there are sniggers and cruel taunts. For all the superb musculature on his top half, Hyu-Jigo tends to skip leg days. And it shows!