15 August 2018


The latest internet induced fear to sweep the communication pathways of the world is the concept of Microcheating. In the world of loving relationships with another person (or orc, or car or 20 sided dice, we don't judge here at scale creep) Microcheating is essentially any activity that you do that could be seen as disloyal to your partner. Things such as liking someones picture on social media, complementing a new haircut, sharing an 'in joke' with a colleague. All of these could be described as cheating on your significant other because you should be giving them all your attention, GODAMMIT ALL OF YOUR ATTENTION!!!!

This got me to thinking though, as gamers we do all sorts of things that are probably against the rules but aren't really 'shagging the blonde girl with the big boobs from accounts on the managers desk while your wife is at home with the screaming brats' kind of cheating. We do them on occasion though, we microcheat during games, whether we're being competitive or not, you may recognise yourself in some of these.

05 August 2018

BOYL 2018 - A Spectator's Review

I hate all of you

Hi guys, Bulldoglopez here. Yeah.... THE Bulldoglopez.

I see you guys had your little BOYL again. Looked like shit. Totally happy I didn't go. I probably would have died from boredom. My chickens laid ten eggs this weekend... bet you didn't know that.

Let's start the review.

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