02 June 2016

Top Olleys - The Card Game for Bob Olley Fans

An affectionate ode to the sometimes challenging aesthetic of master miniature sculptor, Bob Olley.

Introducing Top Olleys!

Top Olleys is a new collectable card game from WIPster Productions, bringing together a selection of some of the all-time best miniature sculpts by the Bob ‘The Wrinkle Master’ Olley.

Owner of a pair of Iron Claw Squats from 1989? Or a squad of Kryomek Nexus Marines? Perhaps you have Bob’s 90mm version of Frodo from the short-lived Shire Evocations range, or maybe your eye was caught by Cavalcade Games’ Samurai minotaurs? With hundreds of figures produced over the decades for dozens of different companies, how could you ever hope to determine Top Olley?