09 August 2020

Daemon Derby

Greater Daemons.  Warhammer just wouldn’t be the same without them.  The ultimate bad guys, they personify literally any facet of bad human behaviour, and we can all identify with at least one (Nurgle with Slaanesh rising in my case!).

Somewhere in the pile of shame we all have a greater daemon or other big chonk that we’ve thought about painting but have never gotten round to caressing with our paintbrushes (that’ll be the Slaanesh rising!).

What better subject matter for a ScaleCreep challenge! 

Sit down, pour yourself a glass of something strong, and open your heart to the ever loving embrace of chaos.


03 August 2020

BOYL20 report - Best BOYL so far ?

So last week end was BOYL20 (sort of), like every year, it was the occasion to see the band and have some quality gaming, I keep saying that every year but BOYL gets a little better every year.
Like you can see above, Whiskey Priest was seemingly here first and in a jolly mood...