15 August 2018


The latest internet induced fear to sweep the communication pathways of the world is the concept of Microcheating. In the world of loving relationships with another person (or orc, or car or 20 sided dice, we don't judge here at scale creep) Microcheating is essentially any activity that you do that could be seen as disloyal to your partner. Things such as liking someones picture on social media, complementing a new haircut, sharing an 'in joke' with a colleague. All of these could be described as cheating on your significant other because you should be giving them all your attention, GODAMMIT ALL OF YOUR ATTENTION!!!!

This got me to thinking though, as gamers we do all sorts of things that are probably against the rules but aren't really 'shagging the blonde girl with the big boobs from accounts on the managers desk while your wife is at home with the screaming brats' kind of cheating. We do them on occasion though, we microcheat during games, whether we're being competitive or not, you may recognise yourself in some of these.

05 August 2018

BOYL 2018 - A Spectator's Review

I hate all of you

Hi guys, Bulldoglopez here. Yeah.... THE Bulldoglopez.

I see you guys had your little BOYL again. Looked like shit. Totally happy I didn't go. I probably would have died from boredom. My chickens laid ten eggs this weekend... bet you didn't know that.

Let's start the review.

Editor's note: This post should be read while this song plays in the background:

12 April 2018

The Circus of Corruption - A Pustulent Comedy

The fine team over at Old School Miniatures are currently running an excellent Kickstarter for a hugely characterful Circus of Corruption set, comprising plague-ridden daemonic circus performers literally dripping with charm (and bile).

Go and check it out: The Circus of Corruption Kickstarter

The OSM team were kind enough to send a complete set of pre-release resin master casts of the Circus of Corruption to split amongst the Scale Creep crew. Here's what we did with them:


Errol Phlegm by Axiom

Errol Phlegm is one of the Brethren from the set - I guess they're henchmen or lackeys perhaps. I panted Errol up with plenty of washes and drybrushing, paying particular attention to his rather nasty-looking swollen ankles!


Frederick Looger, Manny Bokely and Tweedledump esq. by the Asslessman

I got five of the sculpts in the mailbox (I had he luck to pick which) so I was really eager to play with my brushes on them! I really like the completely insane vibe of them, they're like Ledger's Joker or Nicholson's Torrance with hygiene issues.  Don't ask me why I find that appealing but as a subject for miniatures I do find it pretty cool.

I kept the palette minimal on mine to enhance the grim look of them, I wanted a circus flavoured corruption rather than a corrupted circus if you see what I mean.


Copriolanus, Gunter Firkenshart, King Smear and three Rotlings, by Cheetor

As a fan of Carniv├ále, The League of Gentlemen and generally unpleasant miniatures, these models were right up my Cadbury alley.  I reckoned that the sculpting style would reward a rapid approach predominantly using washes and drybrushing, so that’s what I did.  Nothing very fancy.

I am planning to get the other eleven circus folk from the starting range painted to match the six above as soon as I possibly can.  With the straightforward paint job above I reckon that I can fire out the rest of the Circus pretty rapidly and have them ready to hit the table in a couple of weeks with a bit of luck.

Bob, Larry, Jim, Little Bob and Emanualle Snicklethwayte-Chomdley Pierce III Junior by Whiskeypriest

I has painted somes stuff. It has all the luverly colours wot i likes and stuff. They looks all gooey and yukky like that they has a snotty nose and sneesy bums. I likes these funny little men wot i didied on my holidays. I really likes the one wiv the little rubber chicken. I did liek to paint the little funny mens cos i got to use my bestest brushes and make farty noises as i did it. I also like to taste the paints when i licks my brush.
 By whiskey Priest aged 42 (and one qaurters).

10 April 2018

Gang painting - The Scale Creep Methods

When it comes to our painting it seems that the most common goal at the moment is a 'Gang Sized' project. Around 10 or so figures in a thematic group, whether it be a unit, a warband, a gang or some other kind of group, it's the kind of thing each of us will do a couple of in a year (at least).

But how do we do it? Each of tends to work in isolation, showing WIP's or finished items to group but we never have the opportunity to sit and watch how the others work through it. Occasionally WIP's will illicit responses such as, 'Why the fuck do you do it like that, you awkward sod?' or 'For the love of god will you tidy your painting desk!', occasionally 'Tell me you only keep your paints in a plastic bag to wind Paul up' can be heard over the tumult of 'Cut your fucking fingernails!'.

Artistic view of WIPsters group painting, actual process may differ

So we thought it might be educational to get each of the Scale Creeps that are willing, awake, sober and paying attention, to blether on a little bit about how that go about painting a gang of mini's (mostly so the rest of us can point and laugh).

Of course we all have our views and it's only natural we'd want to confront them in the most gentlemanly way. Here's our personal observations on each other's methods :
Assleman :JB
Captain Crooks 

06 February 2018

Necromunda High - Why Necromunda is a teen comedy.

With the release of the new edition of Necromunda, many of us have got back into the lore, wondering how to approach this new immersion in the underhive.
On a saturday morning (in the old world that is), some of us were discussing the basic psychology of the main houses (which started with what kind of marine chapter you'd most likely expect in the underhive and how Imperial fists suck)[Editors note: you suck].

Then the revelation that the major houses in Necromunda are just the archetypes of teen comedies just fell on us.
Now just play that song and follow us...

11 January 2018

Why would you make the ghost of HG Wells cry?

Playing war-games with unpainted figures makes HG wells cry. He is also dead. Therefore it's his ghost that is crying. Making a ghost cry is not big or clever. It is mean. Why are you being mean to the Ghost of HG Wells?

Lets examine the reasons you have and rip them to shreds.

07 January 2018

How to count painted models ?

It's a common thing amongst painters to count the number of models painted over a given period to see or show how productive we are. While most of us get satisfaction from exceding the numbers from the previous period and frustration from not meeting them, one thing is far less common amongst us : the way to count painted models.

"How is that even a question ?" 

I've heard it in the back, don't lie. Well if you're asking the question, it probably means you do not paint enough models, or don't count them or even worse... you don't care.

Do you feel we should count bases, heads, models, profiles ?
Now we at Scale Creep® believe that fun is too serious a thing to mess with and if something is worth doing, then its worth doing right.

We're going to expose you to the multiple model counting techniques we've developped over time so that you can pick the right one (the Predator one).

05 January 2018

Riffing on the Rip-offs

Like a rotting corpse crawling from the grave to chew your innards and suck your brains, Scale Creep rises again to bring you more genius from the gutter.

This time we're going to lash together a post based on the flimsiest of ideas and make it float down the river of inspiration through sheer force of will.

Being gamers of a particular persuasion, we are always on the lookout for means of fuelling our ludicrous ideas. New madness to bring to the table top in inch high form. Being lazy old men we love to be sitting on our backsides in order to find these nuggets of ingenuity. And if we are going to rip off other peoples ideas then it's even better if we are ripping off people who have already ripped of other people!
Ever wondered what Rogue Trader's Helsreach taken to the disco would look like ?