29 February 2016

Frostgrave - Deadite Warband #1

Ah, my inaugural post for Scale Creep. In such august company one can only be inspired to new heights of hobby endeavour. Hopefully Crooks won't be hiding dildo links all over the post.

The scamp.

With several of the Wipsters/Creeps building warbands for an upcoming series of games, Frostgrave is back dominating my painting desk and has produced another member for the Deadite warband, Ser Rigorous, former knight of the realm, now slave to the Necronomicon's evil. Despite his best efforts to maintain his gear, age and rust has crept onto Rigorous' arms and armour. Still, he's lost none of his skill, and being an ensorcelled slave to a Kandarian sorcerer isn't all bad. Mostly.

With the Kandarian and my captain also on the painting table, I'll soon be getting close to a field-able warband. The coins get spent pretty quickly on a new warband, especially when the captain takes a hefty bite out of the hoard. He better perform, I'm expecting no less than for him to take me forth into that castle. For now though, here's the ragged bunch so far.

As I say, there are several other warbands from my excellent compadres in construction at the moment, all rather tremendous, so I'm sure they'll be appearing on Scale Creep soon.

27 February 2016

Here be dragons.....

Well to be more precise, one dragon. But he shall not be the last!

Here begins a game of Dragon Metal Tag (The brain child of the SCALECREEP WiPsters, but one that I am proud to be the first entry). 

The rules are simple, I've painted a dragon. At the end of the post, I will 'tag' another WIPster, who is then 'it' and honour bound to paint and post a Dragon before 'tagging' another WIPster to do the same.

Simple? Yes. Probably. Dragons are fickle beasts, as are WiPsters (but they make up for it by being devilishly handsome).

Now onto the dragon......

Tom Meier's Zombie dragon. Rereleased by RALPARTHA

Mooks in spaaaaccce!

You must remember watching the A-team as a kid or maybe you liked Bluethunder, Airwolf or MacGyver. Or maybe one of the Bond films where they break in to the villain's hidden lair was your thing. Maybe you watched all the action movies from the last 30 years. There is a poorly neglected group of characters in all of these visceral vats of visual entertainment. The Mook.

26 February 2016

And so it begins...

Teamwork baby, it's all about teamwork really.

Have something in your teeth? Need someone to hold your hand while you cross the street? Need someone to hold your hair (or beard) while you're throwing up? Think you can build that table, paint those models and play those games all on your own?


Teamwork it is I tell you.

And because the internet can offer you a vast array of goodness from cat musicians to repulsive sexual intercourse between humans and other things, we've decided to raise the whole level by uniting the most handsome gamers and modellists around to provide the finest quality hobby blog to the world.

But who are these hobbyists ? Well just take a look :

25 February 2016

Soon on your screens...

You only reap what you sow...