21 May 2020

The Quarantina Mek Off!

I don't have a problem... I can stop at any time.

Greetings fellow quarantinos! Bulldoglopez here, I hope you're all staying safe and if you've found yourself at home more than usual I hope you've found some time to spend on your hobby. So a couple weeks ago Ol' Captain Crooks was running around the outback... shirtless as usual and then called me up on his Dick Tracy wrist radio and goes "Hey Lopez, I'm a better Mek than you!" and then I go... "Hey dude, I know you're from the future and everything but you're out of your mind if you think you're a better Mek than me!" and then he goes "Am too" and I'm like "Are not" and then he was like "Am too" and I was like "ARE NOT" and so on for 30 minutes.

So ANYWAYS... what ended up happening was a social media miracle. It's like when celebrities get together to sing Imagine except not garbage.


The rules were simple... each person (heretofore to be known as hypermasculine hobby sensei).. Each Hypermasculine hobby sensei had two weeks to complete any Ork Mek ANYTHING at any scale. (BlueinVT would have participated but he is currently buried under a pile of shamefully unpainted wolves.. more on that later).