08 September 2020

Frostgrave Wizard Battle (2 of 2)

Following on from last week’s batch of paired Frostgrave characters, five more contributors put these pairings together.  As per last time, the guidelines were:
(NB, if these two match the theme of your Mordheim Challenge, then you now have a playable Frostgrave force).
Once again, the goal was to have as many of us involved in an aligned project as possible, rather than get worked up about very strict criteria, and people came up with some fun characters.

Theottovonbismark - Beastpeople

This challenge was easy to get on board with as it nicely rows in with the Beasts of Chaos forces I have recently been focused on.
I had a model already lined up for a Beastman Shaman, just needed to find a good one for a lower level Shaman.  I found what I wanted in one of the old Citadel Chaos Sorcerers, with this one having a Slanneshi dress sense.  The model has no specific iconography for any chaos power.  The robes were also similar to the high level shaman's gear.
Rather than being what I initially assumed as a run of the mill common or garden standard hermaphroditic slanneshi mage, it is actually boobularly symmetrical.  It has a cool mechanical looking hoofed leg and I added horns, as you have to have horns and hooves on your Beastwoman Shammy or it won't look like a Beastwoman.
I painted both of them using Contrast paints primarily, like the rest of the Beasts of Chaos stuff, but these guys got a little more attention to the robes and details as they are bound to be a visual focus on the table, or appear in small skirmish games.

Spevna - Skrogin the Odd, Tik and Munch

That Cheetor is a cunning chap.  First he suggests a Mordheim challenge, next a Frostgrave wizard and apprentice challenge.  He has quite craftily got us to paint almost a whole warband!  Such subterfuge and wickedness!!!
Seeing as I’d already done a handful of orcs, and then a handful more for the Mordheim challenge, it made obvious sense to add to them.
I had a pair of goblin shamans from Black Tree Designs that had been sitting unpainted for far too long so they were press-ganged into service.  It was also a good excuse to paint up the squig hound from the ShieldWall Kickstarter Alessio and I had done a while back.
With all that said here are Skrogin the Odd, his apprentice Tik, and their squig-hound Munch.

Asslessman – Heinrich and Intern

So the hype train for Frostgrave is back at the Scale Creep Station, right?  Well that's nice, always loved that game and the modelling possibilities!
Over the past few years we (in general but as a gaming group too) have dwelled on many projects and have many bands of different styles.  Now that means our focus isn't into building huge armies BUT it does mean that with a little thinking and planning we can actually come back to former projects and expand them, or tailor certain projects to fit multiple goals, and I believe that's exactly the intent of this challenge.  So instead of killing two birds with a stone, I've decided to murder a whole flock with a snipe.

I've had Warcry in sight for a while and while I didn't feel like investing much time in a game I'd unlikely play a lot, I still wanted to have a force in case we'd get the occasion so I opted for the undead, having already painted the Sepulchral Guard from Warhammer Underworlds.  Now all I needed were a necromancer (or two) and a few more skeletons.
With Frostgrave in mind, I could also use those two Necromancers as a pair of Wizard/Apprentice and use the very same Sepulchral Guard as my foot soldiers...
And to be honest, with the hype on Mordheim lately, that was still expanding my undead force which could become an ar... WAIT WAIT WAIT, EASY NOW!
So I had this recent necromancer from GW and just realised I also had this very old conversion (like 10 years old or so) which would make the perfect apprentice (or maybe she's the master, I don't know).

Heinrich has always been a bit of a womanizer.  Back at Magic Uni, he did pick necromancy for the sole purpose to impress the ladies with cheap tricks like resurrecting dead squirrels or possessing pigeons with the souls of demons from the 5th plane of hell.
And he did have a bit of success, scoring the potion teacher (Uni's eldest at the time) or making out with one of the golem teacher's creations.  That attitude did bring a lot or resentment and hate on him from his fellow students (Dieter Hellsnicht has sworn to resurrect him after killing him after Heinrich had intercourse with the cadaver of his heart).
Lately, Heinrich is getting older, he is not as successful as he once was and most of his former colleagues are now wreaking havoc over the world and living successful careers, the dynamic is still here though and when the necromantic circles of the old world learned Heinrich was now dating his intern (a crone 40 years younger and barely over 80), many fists were clenched.
Heinrich is too tired to play the sugar daddy though, and he wishes he had spent more time elaborating a career path.  He has recently decided to head for a cairn where a great champion of chaos of the old days rests and he has "A PLAN", MWHAHAHAHA, MWHAHAAAAAAHHAAAAA !


I don’t know anything about Frostgrave.  I could have googled it, but given that I’m so used to confidently getting the wrong end of the stick in so many other places of my otherwise movie-like existence, it didn’t occur to me to dig any deeper than ‘two wizards - an apprentice and a master - go into a frozen ruin to kill two other wizards (an apprentice and master) and find stuff’.
And then, as the challenge was forming up, the term ‘wizard’ gradually diluted, enabling more generous interpretations of ‘anyone willing to follow a wizard into a frozen ruin to kill another wizard and the other chap willing to follow THAT wizard’ and ultimately we settled more or less on ‘stop asking me questions, just piss off and paint two fantasy figures’.
Thus primed for success, I called on my vast roleplay experience to put myself in the role of a wizard planning some murder hobo activity in a frozen ruin. My very first realisation was that I would not countenance the presence of some hopeless apprentice shuffling around me offering to polish my staff or trying to remember if it was Mandrake or Lemongrass leaves that were in fact the sort of thing to pop in a hot bath to soothe aching muscles after a hard dungeon crawl.
No, I would have a meat shield: a large, well armoured fighting sort with a large sword and a limited curiosity and intellect.  ‘Guard this door.  Do not let anyone enter until I say so,’ I would say.  ‘I need to draw these complicated thaumaturgic sigils on the floor and I cannot be disturbed by the other wizard somewhere in this ruin.’
And having said that, I would be guarded, both in the that he is physically guarding the door and in the fact that he had not one iota of interest in challenging me on my decision to come here when I knew there was another wizard looking for trouble, instead of just waiting a few days and coming once I knew the other wizard had shoved off.
So, the figures for the job ended up being (as has proven popular in this challenge) the chaps from Advanced Hero Quest (I think?).  Another game I have limited experience with.  Fortunately, I was given some metal prototypes for the characters (not the elf - can’t find him), so I picked the warrior and the wizard.

The wizard immediately struck me as the unusual union of Luke Skywalker (from the last two movies) and Chuck Norris - an excellent adventuring heritage, I’m sure you would agree.  Further research revealed that Jedis are outfitted most commonly in brown, this colour being especially excellent at broadcasting the wise magic ninja monk ethos and also contrasting the glow of one’s lightsaber.  Equipped with this knowledge, I enriched it with some homo-erotic Brokeback Mountain style dungeon romance and produced the grizzled and manipulative maneater that is Luc Guystalker:

And, because I had firmly and rigidly rammed the square Star Wars peg into this decidedly round Frostgrave hole, I give you the tenuous-but-stick-with-it-because-you’ve-made-it-this-far-ly named Hans Yolo:

Because Yolo.

Sorry. It could have been YODO.
You Often Die Often. HaHAHAHAha. Haha. Ha. Ahem.

Bulldog Lopez

Greetings creepers! Bulldoglopez here with a twisted pair of evil wizards.  That’s right it’s the evil sorcerer from Heroquest and his little MM90 chimichanga!!
I figure these two would make a nice pair of illusionists for Frostgrave, but in reality I’m probably going to use them mostly for Advanced Heroquest.  They’re both such cool models and my head is swimming with ideas of a dungeon populated with wizards in every room.

Going along with the illusionist theme, I stuck with purples and greens because it kind of reminds me of Mysterio the Spiderman villain.  The green on the Chaos Dwarf beard was especially fun to paint.  These two are a real neat pair to have painted up and can’t wait to get them on the table.

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