26 November 2020

Wishing you a Thankful Champsgiving

It's that time of year where we give thanks,  and what is there most to be thankful for?  That's right, a bunch of skull bedecked chaos champions to celebrate a gore covered holiday extravaganza!

I'm so hungry, I could eat a whole Steed of the Apocalypse!

So pull up a chair at Grandma's cuz she's about to serve up a healthy dose of CHAOS!  

What better place to start a feasting holiday then a World Eater...


  Captain Crooks:  


Lord Zerk sat at his desk, and somewhere under the layers of ceramite armour that comprised his corrupted suit of terminator armour, he attempted to frown.

Long, long ago, when he was but a sergeant in the legion of the War Hounds space marines, his frown had been legendary. One frown was more terrifying to his men than one thousand curse words, more horrifying than the threat of being shot or sliced up or blown to smithereens. Even after the Heresy, when his squads of World Eater chaos marines spewed forth from the Eye of Terror to terrorise the galaxy, his frown had sent hundreds of frothing battle brothers into the vanguard of battle, urging them on to fight harder, longer and with greater fury. His frown had meant the difference between victory and defeat. Nobody ignored the frown!

But when he finally caught the eye of his dread patron god, the all powerful Khorne, the bloody Lord of Skulls, his gift, bestowed along with His mark, was a suit of armour that gave Zerk ultimate protection, but could never be removed. In fact, the armour was now his skin, it's eyes, his eyes and it's immovable brow, his brow. He could no longer perform his signature, terrifying frown, and despite the many centuries that had passed since that fateful day, he still found himself, during the quiet times, practising in a subtly polished bulkhead, trying to get something, ANYTHING out of his frozen skull-themed helmet/face.

A sulky voice interrupted his straining.

"You never take me anywhere anymore."

Startled, Lord Zerk sat up abruptly, and he threw a guilty glance to the corner of the room where Slaughtermax, his mighty daemon axe, stood against the wall.

"Maxie, baby... I've been so busy with these ship-to-ship battles, in preparation for the planet-strike..."

"You're not too busy to hang out with CHAINFIST!" the huge axe spat, causing Zerk to flinch a little.

"Maxie, those boarding actions are all cramped corridors and low ceilings, you need plenty of space to unleash your true potential! I can't swing you properly in such miserable conditions!"

"So you're saying I'm FAT now are you??" Slaughtermax fairly hummed with rage.

"Look... Maxie. When all this is over, you and I, we'll find a nice little planet with a soft, squishy population and we'll go murder them all, just the two of us. How does that sound?"


"Is CHAINFIST coming...?"

"Maxie, you know the chainfist is permanently attached to my arm, it's technically my actual hand now..."

"Pah! Excuses!". The axe sank into a sullen silence, broken only by the distant sound of Khorne berzerkers taking turns screaming 'KHORNE' at each other somewhere deep in the bowels of the profane cathedral-ship.

Zerk sighed. He and Slaughtermax had been together for centuries, ever since he had discovered her gripped in the hand giant skeleton, deep in a crypt on a forgotten world in the outer rim. On days like this he envied that long dead giant!

As he slumped forwards onto his heavily armoured elbows, Lord Zerk's skull helmet was reflected in the bulkhead again. He could have sworn it looked like it was frowning...



There's been a conversion I've wanted to do for nigh on 24 years, so this was the opportunity to finally get shit done.


 This conversion by Dave Andrews in the first chaos codex is probably my favourite from the whole book, I've had the parts for years but just couldn't get around to it for one reason or another, but now I'm shit out of excuses so here we go!

I've made a couple of small changes to the original design, mainly the lightning claw in place of the power fist, new scratch built trophy rack and a colour scheme more fitting to the army I keep promising myself. Bit of fancy freehand on the shoulder and jobs a good un!

Anyway, that's probably enough shite out of me for now, cheers to the organisers and fair play to all involved for some absolutely cracking entries! 


Blue in VT:

Hi all...Blue in VT here...guest Scale Creeper for the Chaos Champion Challenge.

I've been deep in a large project painting Goblin Wolf riders (maybe you've heard something about it..? lol) ...So when the Scale Creeps threw the Chaos Champion Challenge out a week ago I jumped at it as an opportunity to take a break from the Green Skin horde.
I've been itching for an opportunity to paint one of the classic Chaos Knights...and even more so a Metal Chaos Steed!

Wanting to take it up a notch I added a bit of flare by giving this Champion a couple of Kislev Winged Lancer wings...a sort of Chaos Homage to the Classic Imperial General Figure with similar wings.


The casting quality of the lower half of this Knight is terrible...its really bad...trust me...but I've made the best of it I can.  

 The Steed really is the stand out of the two...what a great figure!

Thanks for the Invite Scale Creeps!!

 That's right kid, Abbadon is served!



Hey all, Asslessman here !


You folks know the kind of silly ideas our hobby makes us come up with right ? So the other day, The Grovenizer and Crook Dog were showing kick ass chaos champions (which you can both see in this post) and of course the only sensible response to that was to try and make one along them despite the billions of other projects I'm working on of course !
Now I'm in full chaos mode at the moment so that wasn't that big a leap but I had very few ideas about it.

Few ideas but one test fit and plenty of bits to work from !

Now of course working from metal bits almost exclusively was... challenging shall we say ! It involved a lot of brute force, swearing and power tools (thank Khorne for power drills, dremels and 6mm drill bits)

The painting process was mostly autopilot but I let myself be tempted to do a flayed skin cloak, I didn't give much of a thought about it so I'm not even sure I like the rendering or not !

All in all I'm very happy to have this guy done, he looks suitably imposing and he was done along those of dear friends of mine so that's all the hygge I need from it !


Sean T:

I chose a good old Chaos Renegade “Melta Gun.”


He reminded me of the Mouth of Sauron and thought he would make a perfect low level champion for my Renegades.

The main thing I did differently in execution was to glaze back over my highlight with the midtone color as I thought it had gotten too bright. I’d also like to thank Rochie for pointing out how to use the darker Purples to make the scorched metal on the end of the Melta look better.




 Jo’ris Bonson The Forsaken.

I’ve had this lad sitting in the lead pile for quite some time, so figured that this  would be as good a time as any to get him painted.

I quite fancied trying my hand at a bit of old school freehand with a political angle like in days gone by, and figured Boris Johnson was as good a target as any.



With BoJo’s ugly mug decided on,  Nurgle as my champion’s patron power was the obvious choice.

I went with one of the Stormcast shields simply as it provided a huge area to work on once the hammer had been scraped off.

I’ve already set my sights on my next political target, so watch this space...


mmm mmm mmm those Champions look goooood!




Untamed Beasts are on the move...


Untamed Beasts are loose...


Feel the carnage, hear the roar, Untamed Beasts are loose!


 I went with the Fly Champion from the 1989 catalog...cuz who doesn't love Jeff Goldblum



This is a Slaanesh Champion by Jes Goodwin from Champions from the 1988 catalog...what's not to like.

He was originally down to be a warband champ. I rolled one up about 2 years ago and resulted in the face of a Slaanesh mount so had a good excuse to use that figure. The idea was shelved until now

Well if those champions didn't leave you full, the tryptophan soon will, and you can again nod off back into your dreams to escape reality as the Warp wraps you like a warm comforting blanket.