31 January 2017

Remember Cadia: Sky Marshal Samuel "Silverback" DiBrando


After spending about twenty objective years perpetually at about three subjectives seconds to galactic midnight, the timeline in the Imperium is finally progressing.  This is a fun thing.
Well, not fun for the Imperium generally, but for fans.

Pretty much off the starting blocks, Cadia was destroyed.
In a middle aged effort to remain relevant with hip, young folk the Creeps have decided to paint some Cadians.

All dead.
Project guidelines for #remembercadia are as follows:

1) Find miniature(s)
2) Remember Cadia
3) Determine if miniature(s) are Cadian. If miniature(s) test positive, proceed to step 4. If miniature(s) test negative goto 1.
4) Remember Cadia
5) Render miniature(s) "finished".
6) Post photo of miniature(s) on Scale Creep to agreed schedule.
7) Under no circumstances forget Cadia

We didn't agree to a common colour scheme or basing on our figures or anything like that.  Cadia is known for its varied terrain and Cadians in appropriate duds have been posted to all sorts of theatres throughout Imperial space.  So anything goes.

As long as its Cadian.
As as long as you Remember it.

Sky Marshal Samuel "Silverback" DiBrando

Seeing the Castellan Creed model used in various scene setting photos over at the Governor General of Sector Six convinced me a while back that I needed one.  Its a particularly nice sculpt, highly recommended.  Lots of fun to paint.

Sky Marshal Anoke from Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

I decided to paint my Cadian uniforms with cues from the Starship Troopers movies, as described here where I painted some Cadian .  To tie the Creed figure in, I gave him a light coloured jacket a little, but certainly not exactly like Sky Marshal Anoke above.

My Cadians are painted pretty rapidly, so many of the textures on  Sky Marshal DiBrando are painted a bit roughly, using the same techniques.  I spent a little more time on the Silverbacks jacket and skin.
Im not really very good at rapidly painting figures to be honest, the slower techniques creep in more or less immediately.

"Yeah, well the thing is Samuel, Cadia is fucked.  Soz" said Inquisitor Verhoeven
I plan to paint a few more Cadians before I am done with them, but the next Cadian for show here will be from another Creep.


  1. That reminds me, I really must pick up that figure myself! Great stuff.

    1. You wont regret it, its a lovely sculpt.

  2. The sculpt is such a heavyweight presence, it's unreal. Massive coat! Grizzled face with scars. Cigar. Swaggering ultra-male stance. Pair of pistols! He's got it all!

    The paint job brings all the above to light. Excellent addition to the fledgling Cadian group.

    1. I keep saying it I know, but its a wonderful sculpt, Im glad that you like the paint job Axiom.

      The model could be used as some sort of (armed) politico or head of state unchanged I think.

  3. So cool. He spits badassery in those colours :D

    1. Thanks!

      To be fair, a guy like that could wear Gem and The Holograms jim-jams and still look like he means business.

  4. He's an intimidating figure isn't he! Really cool mini, with an equally impressive paint job. Way cool Cheetor :)

    1. Thanks Mr Papafakis!

      I cant speak highly enough about the figure. A single piece casting that oozes character.

  5. Great job on this guy. The face in particular is really nicely done. The way the model's head is framed it really makes the face even more of a focal point. He's such a brick of a dude, a fab model to have in the collection.

    1. Its a cliche, but the face painted itself really.

      Picking a palette that fit with the Cadians and wasnt too flashy was the hardest part. I know that he is wearing a bright white coat, but he really is relatively sedate.

      Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully these guys will go toe to toe with your Cult sooner rather than later Mr S.

  6. Great work on that light colored coat. It will certainly make him stand out on the battlefield.

    1. Thanks Lasgunpacker.

      I know that coat is possibly a little loud, but in the cintext I reckon that its plausible.