03 February 2017

Remember Cadia: Our Brave Returning Heroes

Previously on Remember Cadia.
The forces of chaos did a very bad thing. Cadia was destroyed.


And now...
The last survivors of Cadia fight on against the Black Legion on the moon of Klaisus. Reports reach sector commanders that a small flotilla of lifeboats, merchantmen and Imperial Navy craft evacuated a tiny fraction of the population of Cadia - mainly civilians and injured service personnel. These refugees have been directed to safe space, outside the warzone.

Upon reaching sanctuary, Cadian veterans find that they are reviled and mistreated by the local population. Tainted by the whiff of chaos and the dishonour of failure.

A badly injured Cadian veteran is spat on and sneered at by locals.

A reminder of our starting point, and the project guidelines for #remembercadia:
1) Find miniature(s)
2) Remember Cadia
3) Determine if miniature(s) are Cadian. If miniature(s) test positive, proceed to step 4. If miniature(s) test negative goto 1.
4) Remember Cadia
5) Render miniature(s) "finished".
6) Post photo of miniature(s) on Scale Creep to agreed schedule.
7) Under no circumstances forget Cadia

With those principles rattling around my brain, I dug in my bits box and sourced a suitable venerable Perry metal Cadian. The precise guy circled below in fact. As I remembered Cadia, I decided he was the prime choice for some modification. The previous owner had already done a clunky head swap and removed the tab and lasgun barrel.

I decided to make my Cadian into an injured veteran, evacuated from the frontline. I cut away the remaining portion of the lasgun and added him new arms, a new head from the Electro-priests set. I repaired all the damaged areas and finally made him a crutch from a Heroquest henchman's halberd of all things (see - never throw any old broken parts away!).

The resculpted areas aren't my neatest work, but they're passable from a distance I think!

I painted our poor veteran in traditional camo green and khaki, just like Cadians ought to be. The poor lad is going to need some lengthy R&R to get over his experiences I think.

Let's not forget what this guy and 1,000s of other Cadians did to protect the Imperium.



  1. A brilliantly executed conversion, your skills make me seethe with jealousy!

    1. Thanks WP! Don't look too closely - there's some rough edges on this guy. But the look and feel was the most important thing. Poor guy!

  2. A few augmentics and he should be back in action! Here is your lasgun soldier, get in line here, your augmentics should show up in the next couple years...

    1. A pair of eyes, a new knee and he'll be back in service without question.

  3. Great work Axiom, atmospheric and cutting edge in background terms.

    That'll show the youngsters that we can be hep cats! Darn youngsters, with their bobby socks, transistor radios and whole lives ahead of them...

    1. Cheers cheetor. I still feel young. Does that count?

    2. I honestly dont know :(


  4. Wow, I hadn't even imagined the possibilities of such models. Big bravo to you, sir!

  5. Excellent work, thanks for sharing!

    1. No problem! Glad you enjoyed it :)